How to Choose a Solar Installation Company?

How to Choose a Solar Installation Company


Solar installation is the new trend in eco-friendly living. Domestic houses and commercial buildings are jumping on the bandwagon to get their very first solar installation.

The electricity industry is responsible for 34 billion tonnes of carbon emissions yearly. This initiative will not only help reduce your electric energy bills but also reduce the total carbon footprint of the world.

So, if you are looking for a solar panel company that can offer the best service, with proper efficiency, warrant, and maintenance, then you have reached the right place.

How to Choose a Solar Installation Company?

How to Choose a Solar Installation Company

A solar panel generally has a longevity of 20 years. However, with time this decreases. However, proper installation and maintenance are also responsible for it. Here is how you can pick the right company.

1. The Company Understands Your Needs

Solar panel installation can be of different types.

  • Some might want it for in-house domestic purposes or to light up their yard.
  • Others might want it for exclusively commercial purposes, which will require separate permission and certification.
  • Most panels are set on the roof and require pre-installation preparation.

Therefore, expertise plays an important role in choosing the right company, whether they understand your needs and can fulfill them.

2. Experience Matters As Well

Along with expertise, experience is a big deal. The company could be standing for more than ten years, but if they have never worked on a project like yours, you might not trust them.

So, whenever you speak with any company, always ask them to show a portfolio. This should include work they have done previously and highlighted ones that match your description.

3. Checks The Licenses & Permits

Every company will require licenses and permits from the state to install solar panels. This includes legal business certification from the state and licenses for the team who will be working in the field.

Checks The Licenses & Permits

You can check these licenses thoroughly on their official website. Or, when you talk to the team, you can ask them to show the licensing in person. You should never hire a company without arranging an official meeting with them.

4. Check Their Credibility

Checking the credibility is the next thing you should do, and this will become more of an investigation where you do not believe everything the company says about itself. You go to review pages and check real customer reviews. Then you call up some of the companies to whom they have provided commercial services and check the company’s credibility.

The sad reality of today’s media is you cannot believe everything you say, even if it is the official website. Check the comment section of the social media page. Always get real-life feedback rather than going forth with what the company says.

5. Talk About Their Warranties

Companies will often provide warranties to their customers. If a company is not providing any warranty, you should dismiss the idea of working with them. Because corporate businesses nowadays are not just about selling you the product or service; they are also concerned about the relationship they build with you.

A good company will provide warranties for a particular period of time in terms of any damage. Also, in terms of maintenance, many will provide free maintenance for at least a year.

Plus, their customer care service will be at your beckoning call whenever you face an issue with your solar panels because not everyone will know about the complicated technicalities of this equipment.

6. Talk About The Costing

Talk About The Costing

Once you are satisfied with all the above pointers and now you want to hire them, it is time to bring up the cost factor. Here are some of the questions you should have answers to before you hire one.

  • Do all your charges come under the package, or is it separate from providing the equipment, the installation, and other service charges?
  • Is there just one package we can opt for, or is there a variety from which we can choose?
  • Do you have any hidden costs which you might charge later?
  • What about any damage caused by the workers themselves? Who is responsible for paying for the damaged matter?

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions over the internet that most ask before they hire a solar power installer. We have experts from top companies answer some of them, and provide you with better assistance.

1. How To Know The Company Has A Good Team?

Ans. They will try their best not to inconvenience you when they work. They are polite and good at communication. When it comes to electric connectivity, they will provide assistance to talk to the provider and ease your youtube as much as they can. Some companies even provide assistance with licensing if it is a commercial property and you need a permit before setting up a solar power panel.

2. Is It Bad That My Solar Installation Company Has Hidden Costs?

Ans. Before dismissing them, here is what you should do:

Since they have already made progress with work, it would be impossible to dismiss them now. However, express your disappointment and understand the reasoning for the cost.

If the cost is too high, you should discontinue working with the company and look for a new one.

Before choosing or hiring any company, have a thorough discussion about the cost. Starting with the equipment charges, then the service charges, and finally, the hidden charges, if there are any.

3. What Are The Main Problems I Will Face In Terms Of Solar Panel Installation?

Ans. Understanding the problems beforehand will help you mitigate them. So, here are the problems you might be facing when you are installing solar panels.

  • The foundation of your roof is not strong enough to hold the panels.
  • The location you are choosing doesn’t get enough sunlight.
  • Unable to keep[ up with regular maintenance can decrease the longevity of the panels.
  • The water flow of your roof can interrupt the connection.

First, fix the existing issues before you go for installation.


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