What Is Business Partnering?


Through a business partnering arrangement, organizations can improve their people capabilities by developing and implementing strategies and programs that will help them achieve their goals. This concept was first introduced in the 1990s by Dave Ulrich. Despite the evolution of the model, the original idea remains the same akin to playing online slots.

What Is Business Partnering?

The goal of a business partnering arrangement is to develop effective people capabilities and meet the various goals and strategies of business growth. This process can be done through regular interactions with the various members of the team.

Why implement business partnering?

Why Implement Business Partnering

One of the most critical factors that HR should consider when it comes to implementing a business partnering arrangement is shifting away from its traditional role as a back-office function.

Some key reasons organizations implement the business partner (BP) model, or consider doing so, are:

Enabling the business

Due to the rise of expectations, it’s more important than ever that people professionals are able to play a proactive role in helping organizations meet their goals by reducing business rates. Through a business partnering arrangement, they can help them develop and implement effective people capabilities.


Cost Effective

Instead of being a back-office function, HR should focus on becoming a small business enabler by developing a proactive and aligned people team. This can help the organization achieve its goals and lower its costs.


The concept of a business partnering arrangement is about building strong relationships between the various members of an organization. It can be done through regular interactions between the team members. This process can help create a more conducive work environment.



A strategic partnership can be considered an asset to an organization. It can help the leadership team improve its people capabilities and meet its goals. Through a business partnering arrangement with an HRBP, an organization can also achieve its vision and goals.

Before an organization decides to implement a business partnering arrangement, it’s important to consider the various operating models that are currently used by the company. Aside from the type of model that the organization uses, it’s also important that it has the necessary capabilities and solutions that can help it grow.

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