Making Smarter Car Choices – Buying Second Hand Cars in December

Making Smarter Car Choices - Buying Second Hand Cars in December


It’s cold and dark for much of the time, and at home, it’s cheery, with Christmas decorations, pretty lights and the central heating nudged up to a nice level of toasty. Why on earth would you go and buy a used car in December? Because it is a very sensible financial decision is the simple answer! Let’s take a look.

Buying Second Hand Cars in December

Fluctuations in Market Prices

While your current car is still operational – or even if you are still saving up for your first car – start watching the markets, seeing which places have the best reputations for aftercare, how much the prices fluctuate by from place to place, and also monitoring the general trends.

Buying second hand cars in December- Fluctuations in Market Prices

You will soon see a flurry of used car sales for great prices immediately before and during the months in which the new number plates are released, and, conversely, a quietening down during the summer school holidays and in December. For the vendor, the latter months are not good times, but for the eager buyer with their savings burning a hole in their pockets, they can be an excellent time to snap up a bargain used car. Looking for used cars for sale in Brighton? Visit KAP Motors and get the best deal on second-hand cars with insurance.

Why Doesn’t Everyone Buy in December?         

This is a bit of an inside-out question: it is more because people don’t buy second-hand cars in December in spite of the price drop. And this is because, simply, it is Christmas time, many people are on holiday and it is a great time to visit friends and family or get some travelling done – they’re not looking to change cars right at the moment – but this will change in January, when people face long cold months of winter with nothing to relieve them, and look for new cars, homes and jobs to brighten up their existences.

Prices Shoot Up in January

Prices Shoot Up in January

And it’s not only buyers that look to make changes in January. Faced with the beginning of a new year, often with just a couple of months until the end of their financial year in March/ April and, perhaps, a smaller profit margin so far than had been hoped, dealers will look to bring in newer stock, with higher price tags for larger profits, investing in advertising campaigns and looking to attract the big spenders whose largesse tends to raise all the prices as the dealers hope to make quick profits with which to close off their financial year. Be sure you beat the curve by buying in December – it’s the smartest choice of all.


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