3 Ways to Engage and Empower Your Construction Staff


Keeping staff engaged and empowered is a full-time job for a lot of managers, supervisors, and business leaders. In an ideal world, the passion your team members have for their job and industry would be enough to keep them focused on delivering the best results year after year.

However, the reality is there are a number of issues which can lead to disengagement and disinterest over time. For the construction site, it’s often particularly difficult to keep your employees on the same page, because they’re often working on the field, in distributed environments, where you might not always be able to interact with them in person.

Fortunately, there are useful strategies you can use to motivate and strengthen your team in today’s ever-evolving landscape.

3 Ways to Engage and Empower Your Construction Staff

Use the Right Technology

Use the Right Technology

Perhaps the most important thing you can have when you’re struggling to engage and empower your team today is the right technology. Having construction asset management software and fleet tracking tools is extremely useful to keep everyone on the same page.

You can use these services to track the outcomes of various projects and make sure results are delivered on budget, and on time. With the correct technology, you can gain full, real-time visibility into the performance of your team from a single platform, while keeping costs low.

You can even motivate your staff even further by using the information you gather for gamification purposes. You could set up competitions which reward those on your team who achieve the best results within a specific time period (like a week or a month).

Invest in Communication

Invest in Communication

It’s hard to ensure your employees feel engaged and empowered if they’re disconnected from the rest of their team. Even if, as in most construction environments, your employees aren’t always in the same physical space, they should be able to communicate effectively.

Consider setting up some new management tools which allow your team members to converse on a range of different platforms depending on their needs.

If you have a warehouse or shop that you operate out of, there are even benefits of AV door entry systems that can improve communications as your employees enter and exit the workspace.

If you operate a remote team, video conferencing could be ideal for when staff need to interact face-to-face, while live messaging and chat are ideal for keeping the flow of communication for running a business smoothly. Remember to regularly encourage your people to communicate too.

You can even consider hosting weekly meetings where everyone can get together to share a crucial bonding moment.

Reward Good Work

Reward Good Work

Finally, nothing engages, motivates, and delights your employees more than recognition for a job well done. All staff members want to feel as though their effort is being properly addressed and recognized, even if this just means getting a personal thank you from the boss.

Find ways to reward your employees’ using gifts and bonuses that matter most to them. You might provide your team members with an extra paid day off when they achieve a certain result, like finishing a project according to your standards ahead of schedule.

If you know that being eco-friendly is important to a specific team member consider a reward that can make your business more sustainable as a result, so they feel their interests are acknowledged.

If you’re not sure which kinds of rewards will work best, consider speaking to your employees and asking them to make some suggestions.

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