How a 4g Booster Can Save Your Business?

Let’s be honest, the success of a business depends on a huge number of factors, including those that are quite difficult to be controlled. But we shouldn’t underestimate the role of a stable mobile signal in your business growth and development, especially when you need to establish and maintain direct contacts with your clients and partners.

Even one day when you have a poor connection can result in losses. But when your office is located in an area of weak signal reception, the consequences can be much more serious.

What are the reasons for the bad 4G signal?

What are the Reasons for a bad 4g Signal

Actually, there are dozens of them. Even weather conditions, such as rain or strong winds, can be among the reasons. But if we are talking about those factors that have a continuous effect, we should mention such points as:

  • Physical distance from the nearest cell tower
  • Building materials
  • Peculiarities of the landscape
  • A huge number of mobile devices that are using the signal simultaneously

This list can be even longer but we’ve mentioned just the most popular issues. What solution can you find? Moving to a new office is definitely not the best idea as nobody can guarantee that you won’t face a similar situation there. Changing a mobile operator?

Sometimes it may help if you are fully confident that the reason is in the distance from the nearest cell tower. But can you be sure that you know the reason? Maybe your building just has too thick walls and in such a case, your 4G signal will have issues in reaching your mobile devices regardless of the chosen operator.

Does it mean that it is impossible to solve the 4G mobile signal at all? No! This thought is far from being true. Have you ever heard about 4G signal repeaters?

4G signal booster: What is it?

4g Signal Booster

It is a special device intended for making your 4G signal stronger and more stable.  Today there are different models of 4G boosters (moreover, some of them can work not only with 4G signal but with other types of mobile signals as well, such as Nikrans LCD-300GD, for example). But the general principle of their work is always the same.

  • One antenna of a booster is intended for catching the signal sent by your operator at a particular frequency band. This antenna should be installed outdoors. The best case is when you can install it on the roof or at least somewhere near the window outside. Even if the signal is very poor, this antenna is much more sensitive than the one that your smartphone has. So, it can catch even a very low signal.
  • Then this signal is transferred to a booster box via a coaxial cable that is usually included in a booster set.
  • When the booster box gets the signal, it makes it stronger so that it can ensure a fully stable connection for a big number of mobile devices that are located within the coverage area of the repeater.
  • Then the signal has to be transferred to an antenna via a coaxial cable once again. But this time another antenna enters the game. It will be an indoor antenna. It is responsible for transmitting the improved signal.
  • Modern mobile signal repeaters support an unlimited number of connections, which means that all your team members, visitors and clients who will come to your will have the possibility to enjoy the stabilized signal.

All this sounds rather simple, right? And that’s really so. If you decide to use this solution for stabilizing the 4G signal in your office, all that you will have to do will be just to install it correctly.

But with all the available guides and step-by-step instructions, it won’t be a problem. Even if you do not have solid expertise in technologies and tech devices, you will be able to install a booster fully on your own just within 15-20 minutes.

Why is a 4G booster the best solution for signal issues?

What is a 4G Booster and Best Solution for Signal Issues

If you have doubt whether you need to buy a 4G repeater for your office, we recommend having a look at the list of its main benefits.

  • It is a very compact device and you will easily find a good place for it even in a very small business.
  • There are different booster models. While some of them are intended for rather small areas, some others will be suitable even for huge office buildings. There are also boosters intended for improving different kinds of a signal which means that regardless of your situation, you will be able to find the most suitable booster for your case.
  • These devices are fully safe for your health. Moreover, they can help to reduce the level of radiation emitted by your mobile phone.
  • One booster is able to send the improved signal to numerous mobile devices when they are located within its coverage area.
  • The installation process is very simple. You can install a booster even without any professional help.

Is a 4G repeater a solution only for businesses? No! While there are some more expensive models with a huge coverage that are intended for public places, shopping malls, business centres, and any commercial property etc., there are also a lot of devices that will be a good choice for private houses and apartments.

It’s also worth mentioning that there are boosters even for vehicles and boats. You can install them in your new car or van and your strong signal will be always with you, even if you go to some remote areas.

But be attentive! Today there are a lot of offers on the internet but unfortunately, some devices can’t boast high quality. That’s why you should carefully choose a seller, read the reviews and talk to managers. If something looks suspicious or controversial, it will be a good idea to find another company.

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