5 Types Of Affiliate Programs For Small Businesses

5 Types of Affiliate Programs for Small Businesses



Affiliate Programs are the programs that are set by businesses where they pay some other part for generating leads and sales they bring in. The third-party between the two, most of the time, is a website publisher or content creator that takes decisive steps to increase sales.

This is an attractive thing for the merchant because it sees the results that the leads and sales have gone on to increase or not. Yes, they pay you fees for that. Are you running a small business? You need to look for Affiliate Programs. In this article, we will discuss some of the best affiliate programs that serve the needs of small businessmen.

5 Types of Affiliate Marketing programs

The market has indeed gone on to become highly competitive, and there is less room for any kind of leniency when it comes to affiliate marketing. Therefore a small business must hire affiliate marketers to promote their products and services.

This works when it comes to gaining an edge in the competitive market. Businesses generally have diverse needs. Based on the needs and requirements, they go on to select affiliate marketing programs. In this section, five types of affiliate marketing programs are selected that are meant for your small business:

1. Coupon Affiliates

When it comes to affiliate programs, Coupon affiliates are the most common ones. However, they are not the best fit for all the programs. If you have some particular product that you need to create awareness of, they can really fit into your entire program of yours. They will act to drive quality traffic and the generation of leaders by offering coupons. The larger coupon affiliates rank higher in the organic search results.

2. Incentivized Traffic Affiliates

This is another affiliate market program that is based entirely on some commissions. Suppose you hire an affiliate marketer for the beauty product that you manufacture. Now when they work for you to generate traffic and leads. You end on with more sales. Your objectives get fulfilled.

Now you give a commission to the company based on your sales. What they do is further provide cashback, virtual currency, and benefits to the end-user. Therefore the entire chain gets something. This is quite effective when it comes to small businesses.

3. Content Affiliates

Content Affiliates

Content affiliates are generally blog owners that create unique content for the visitors. They send traffic to the merchant’s site with the use of banners and ads linked with the content. You get good articles, traffic, and leads now that you own a small business.

If you compare mainly with Coupon affiliates and Incentivized Traffic affiliates, you are getting much from it. Therefore purely discussing business development, this is the best one. No matter why small businesses do hire Content affiliates to serve their aims.

4. PPC Affiliates

PPC Affiliates

They are the affiliates that run paid search campaigns using platforms like Bing Ads and GoodAdd Words. This kind of promotion is steeped in risks and uncertainties. There is a high chance that you don’t get the returns on your investment.

Notwithstanding the risks and uncertainty, it can be said the affiliate service is effective. They work in compatibility with pay-per-click efforts.

5. Comparison Shopping Sites

Comparison of Shopping Sites

These affiliates provide end to end-users with tools through which they can compare prices across a variety of merchants. With direct comparison, they can provide an actual picture of why one company is better than another.

This is how small businesses can provide better services to their customers and ensure they get a better reach through their products or services. Therefore if you are the company, you can use comparison shopping sites to give an idea in front of customers to have better advantages that they are always in search of.


In conclusion, it can be said that affiliate marketing programs are highly productive when it comes to benefiting small businesses. When you run a business, select the affiliate programs according to the needs and requirements of your promotion strategy. Remember, if your strategy is not strong enough, you can withstand continuous pressure from your rivals.

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