5 Things to Do While Waiting for an Emergency Plumber 

5 Things to Do While Waiting for an Emergency Plumber 


Have you found an overflow of water in your bathroom? Is there water leaking under the sink of your kitchen, or is there a pipe burst? Knowing what to do while awaiting an emergency plumber is crucial if you experience a plumbing problem. All you need is a precaution from such trouble by the time your plumber arrives.

In the UK, you can get efficient plumbers in Cockfosters. However, you need to think about some techniques and doings if your plumber makes a delay in reaching your destination. Some of these are mentioned here.

 5 Things to do in a Plumbing Emergency  

1. Turn off the water

things to do while waiting for an emergency plumber  - Turn off the water

The first thing you can do is turn off the water source. Finding the main shut-off valve sometimes becomes difficult. Therefore, you must stop the water supply at the valve that is closer to the leakage. It will help you reduce the water that is flowing through the pipes. Moreover, it can save other parts from further damage. Remember, the more water you lose, the higher the water bill you have to pay.

 2. Drain the lines

It’s not always enough to turn off the water valve. There may be some volume of water in the lines after turning off the water. To prevent this remaining water from making further damage or leaking in the whole system, you need to drain all the pipes. Therefore, you can turn off all the faucets in your house until they dry. In this way, the water can be drained out through the pipes.

3. Move furniture from the wet area

If you still find standing water on the floor of your room, you need to move your furniture out of the way. You may have wooden or metallic furniture in your well-furnished house. To protect these from severe damage, you must do it. Therefore, waiting for a plumber is not a good idea in such a situation.

Move furniture from the wet area

Do you love artwork hanging on your wall? If you do, you must remove them too from the wet area. Some artworks are made of things that may damage in a damp atmosphere. Therefore, put them at different location away from water. 

4. Clear standing water

Waiting for an emergency plumber in Romford can be a time-killing process if you don’t try these methods to prevent water leakage. After the previous actions, you should clear all standing water in your house. It can damage your furniture, flooring, interior design and even the walls. It can also support mould and mildew to grow in your area.

You should not have to wait for the plumbers to arrive to start clearing standing water. You can easily use towels and a wet vacuum. You can also do this with the use of a bucket and a mop. You should open the room’s windows and doors and switch on the fans to help the area dry out rapidly.

5. Take notes and pictures of the entire damage

Take notes and pictures of the entire damage

Plumbers in Cockfosters or other places have sincerity regarding their services. However, if the emergency plumbers still haven’t arrived, you should take some time to capture the damage with snaps or videos. You should also find the time to start the damage and the continual process if possible. If you have insurance regarding it, this information definitely will help you to claim your insurance. Moreover, an emergency plumber in Romford may need some previously captured scenarios before starting their duty.


You never want such an inconvenient situation in your house. However, troubles come without any notice. Therefore, it’s better to know these things to prevent severe damage to your sweet home.


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