Brick Slips Guide for 2023: Installation, Cost, Style

Brick Slips Installation Guide for 2023

Are you looking for a quicker solution to a new home cladding? Do you have the plan to upgrade your entire home design? Are you not familiar with the cost? Well, you need not worry more. Brick slips can be the best solution for you.

Bricklaying contractors in the UK provide you with different kinds of brick slip installation at an affordable price. They are of different colours and styles. You better get familiar with the brick slips’ installation process and costs. Let’s take a look at everything in a nutshell.

Brick Slips Installation Guide for 2023

In the normal process, brick slips installers supply and fix them individually. The bricks must be fitted accordingly to a backing support. The installation process is quite similar to tiling.

However, the process depends on the system. You might find the requirement to gauge the mortar lines along with the spacer units. You can apply another method by contouring the backing board. You should use wet brushing in the existing adhesive. However, you should always use a new application for a better wall.

So many people still love to use clay bricks instead of brick slips. If you are interested in bespoke units, you’ll find this method pleasing for your home improvements.

Cost of brick slips installation

Cost of brick slips installation

You may know that prices for brick slips usually start from about £18 per square meter. But, this is on a supply-only basis. The brick types should be considered before talking about the exact brick costs. The handmade bricks or the customized ones are likely to be costlier in price.

Often people get confused choosing the bricks or brick slips from bricklaying contractors. What is more expensive? Bricks or brick slips? Well. You’ll be happy to know that the brick slip’s cost is slightly less than an entire brick in terms of the tiles themselves. It is because you get two tiles from a single slip. You have to pay an extra charge while cutting it. Above all, the more significant financial goals and savings come from associated costs.

Now, let’s talk about the average bricklaying cost for block work. You can expect to pay around £12 per meter. It includes the cost of the blocks and the labour for laying them. In addition, the daily rate for experienced brick slips installers is around £150- £200 per day. The implication of a helper may cost about £70-£100. However, constructors can do it more quickly. If you have 1000 brick slips’ work, installers can do it within a couple of days.

Brick Slips’ Styles

Brick Slips' Styles

The most famous brick slip style is the European brick slip which many renowned companies like J&A Tiling in the UK use. Here are details of some bestsellers.

Acton Red brick Slips

This style of brick slips can easily convert a boring feature wall or dated fireplace into a stunning one. It helps to add character and warmth to your home.

London Weathered Yellow brick slips

London Weathered Yellow brick slips

The main attraction of such brick slips is the yellow colour with distinguished white finishes and blackish charred embers across some bricks. It helps to make a sophisticated look to your interior design.

Cottage blend brick Slips

It is cut from real bricks. Packed full of character while offering a light blend mix, such bricks make perfect for all interior finishes.


In conclusion, you better trust the renowned brick Slips installers in the UK like J&A Tiling for a better wall. You should know all the pros and cons of the installation process. Usually, you don’t need to take planning permission if you are using brick slips in the interior. But in the case of exterior property, you may need permission, if you live in areas like outstanding natural beauty, conservation areas, national parks etc.

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