Top Foreign Gambling Companies in UK Casinos


After the UK left the EU it got the right to license slot halls and land-based casinos on its own – to allow casinos not on gamstop, to prohibit or to introduce its own alternative system. The UK administration used this chance, but it did not make things easier for the players – the demands of the UK regulator are considered to be harsh even in comparison to their former partners in the Union.

This is the reason why demand is increasing for casinos with offshore licenses – projects that are willing to offer not only better bonuses but also a wider range of gambling products. First and foremost, this is a credit to the production companies that operate in the domestic market.

Some of them have become much more popular than the British brands.

Top Foreign Gambling Companies in UK casinos



An Austrian company that has been operating in the gambling market for a quarter of a century. The brand became popular back in the days when slot machines were powered by cards – chips with programs written on them.

Later, virtually the same products moved to an online basis, and by 2012 to mobile apps. The company was one of the first to embrace this area of gambling, almost 5 years ahead of demand.

Novomatic made it to the top of the world’s manufacturers after releasing its first series of online gaming slots.

Even the fact that most of the products are based on the same mechanics and only change the graphical shell, players are not very confused – high quality and interesting themes did not give the possibility to recognize the trickery of the developer.

The company entered the top 3 after the release of its famous Book of Ra, a series of Egyptian slots with special special symbol mechanics.

The demand for this idea later forced the manufacturer to release 16 similar slots, having previously protected the mechanics from being stolen by competitors by copyright.

From 2020, the company began releasing slots and another unique mechanics, the demand for which could only be assessed a little later. At the same time, the developer is setting up live-streaming studios around the world and providing content for this online casino destination.



The manufacturer’s home country is Sweden, and it is the only example of a successful manufacturer from that country. The brand’s history begins in 2020 already with the form of an online casino.

Initially, the provider specialized in card simulators and roulette slots – visually simple and as productive as possible, which was a must for productive operation in conditions of still weak and unstable Internet connection.

Where other companies’ machines broke the connection, NetEnt products worked successfully.

The large range of slots from the early period is due to their uniformity. Many of the machines feature identical graphics:

  • A grey or green background of a ruled table;
  • Branded chips which players move on the betting field;
  • The visualization of the cards dealt or the roulette wheel.

NetEnt was the first company to offer to disable animations at the player’s request in order to reduce Internet traffic consumption and speed up loading of functionally important elements.

In recent years, NetEnt has focused not only on slot sites, but also on online casino platforms.

Turnkey projects are actively being implemented around the world. At the same time, the company does not prohibit downloading of products from other manufacturers to its systems, and provokes healthy competition for the customer.



The team of Ukrainian developer Evoplay also includes developers from the UK. The company was originally created as an international one, targeting an unrestricted market. Almost all key positions were taken by representatives of other previously disintegrated or unsuccessful providers.

But it was in the Evoplay format that they became known. The company’s main highlight is creativity and constant experimentation. no other manufacturer has offered so many original mechanics:

  • card games and roulette;
  • games with bonus buys;
  • slots with additional rolls and clusters;
  • betting system between players;
  • the all-or-nothing principle;
  • Casual and parlour entertainment.

In just five years, the company’s listings have exceeded 300 products, some of which are unparalleled. It is for such offerings that the company is loved by players and casinos in the UK.

There are many providers that are conquering the UK market. The reason they are not always able to break through is both the preferences of the Brits themselves and strict local regulation.

There is a shortage, according to the players themselves, of bingo and scratch card manufacturers, which are in little demand in other regions. The first company to be able to offer such products will also gain recognition from players.

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