Transforming Your Business Leads With Marketing Analytics

Transforming Your Business Leads With Marketing Analytics


Marketing analytics is a crucial component in your business for a wide range of reasons. One of the most important is to increase your leads.

This begs the question – what marketing analytics tools are right for the job, and how do they do it?

Read on to learn about call tracking software and why it’s the perfect tool to transform your business leads.

How does call-tracking software work?

How does call-tracking software work

Call tracking software is an intelligent analytics tool that can track every customer call in your business and dissect these interactions with extensive analytics.

Each time you receive a call, the software can trace the customer’s specific journey to reach this point of interaction. This includes every touchpoint they visited, from the first marketing source to those visited during and after the call.

Call tracking uses dynamic phone numbers on your website, so you can see the unique journeys of each customer through different activities, campaigns, and channels.

There is a wide range of analytics available with this software, including things like your visitor-to-call ratio, conversions from your pay-per-click (PPC) ads, and calls from your Google Business Profile, for example.

This software is the ultimate analytics tool for giving you a clear overview of your marketing performance.

How can call tracking to transform your business leads?

By using call tracking software, you can transform your business leads in a number of ways – including, but not limited to:

Optimising your campaigns

Optimising your campaigns

The software reveals how many leads are generated from your marketing campaigns.

You can then find the most successful campaigns at driving leads and analyse these activities to see what makes them so engaging for customers.

Using this information, you can apply these elements to your other campaigns – or any new ones you create – to ensure they also produce many leads for your small business.

This allows you to optimise each of your campaigns and generate the highest number of leads possible across every area of your marketing.

Managing your leads effectively

Call tracking can also help you transform your leads by managing them more effectively.

If a customer calls your business, there’s a chance this call might be missed. Therefore, it’s important to use call tracking so that each of your leads is logged into a central platform and none are forgotten or lost.

This can allow you to call your leads back and secure a potential sale without missing out on the revenue because of poor lead management.

You can also use call tracking to ensure every lead is directed to the right salesperson, increasing customer satisfaction and, thus, sales.

Targeting customer needs

Targeting customer needs

You can also use call tracking to enhance your leads by targeting the needs of your customers.

Call tracking reveals how many visits your website receives and the specific keywords a customer searched to get there.

This can reveal things they’re looking for from your business, such as specific queries surrounding your services, prices, deliveries, etc.

You can then implement these aspects in modifying content for your marketing campaigns so customer needs are clearly presented in each activity, making them more likely to call.

If you want to transform your business leads, then be sure to implement call-tracking software to improve your marketing efforts significantly.

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