Pubs Canary Wharf – Top 10 Best Pubs

Pubs Canary Wharf Top 10 Best Pubs

Canary Wharf, which was once excused as just a utilitarian need for office space at the core of the monetary locale, is presently an eating destination by its own doing. There are such countless cafés in Canary Wharf that this little cut of London gladly brags some of London’s best diners.

While without a doubt, a significant part of the footfall in Canary Wharf is down to the huge number of individuals who work in this little corner of East London, there are additionally a lot of motivations to visit outside of available time.

Canary Wharf has its own rambling retail outlet where huge name brands like Jo Malone and The White Company have set up premises. To supplement the top-of-the-line shopping amazing open doors, many famous eateries in Canary Wharf have sprung up, offering invite rest from the shopping centre. Given below are the best pubs in Canary Wharf.

Pubs Canary Wharf – Top 10 Best Pubs

1. Big Easy

Big Easy

Also, it is open from 7 am every day. Oh, joy! There are daily live tunes to soundtrack your drinking – work through barrel rums on draft and a ‘library’ of jugs from the Caribbean, Central America, and then some.

The third part of this American-style grill and fish joint has a Jamaica-impacted rum bar inside its quarters. That should give you ocean legs for a stroll across the Wharf a while later.



A high as can be café and bar over Canary Wharf, Bōkan’s bar is up on the 38th floor of the Novotel, with astounding perspectives on London’s horizon. In any case, it’s generally about the perspectives, tbh.

The wine list is extensive, and mixed drinks have an oceanic topic that plays down the historical backdrop of the harbors.

3. Boisdale


No platitude is purposely dodged at this popular Scottish café, cocktail bar, and music scene – mounted stag’s head and calculating prize, plaid cover, table-top thorns – yet they are conveyed with a happy wink.

After 9 pm, there’s a solid fee at the door to watch jazz or blues from a phase at the most distant finish of a pewter bar counter, where there’s an overwhelming number of fine whiskies. Ready and waiting!

4. The Merchant

The Merchant

One more Fuller’s bar, this time towards Cabot Square, justifiably The Merchant is a well-known name with the workplace swarm. Ties are slackened, and pints of standard ales are sunk, close by the brewery’s own Frontier and London Pride.

Bar grub is the dull, fulfilling kind.

5. The Gun

The Gun

The Gun is an alluringly tidied-up bar with mindful staff and firm costs. It’s reasonable for the two consumers and coffee shops and is most certainly a top decision for those into riverside drinking. Its porch makes it a champion summer find.

Be that as it may, take cover in the colder time of year by a thundering fire and act like Lord Nelson and his escort once did on this very site.

6. The George

The George

Down towards Crossharbour, you’ll track down the George, a customary bar that traces back to 1865 – even though you wouldn’t know it within, all brilliant and windy style. There’s a verdant nursery and a studio for fair-climate social affairs.

Stick inside and manage a pie and squash menu to suit the east London postcode.

7. The Grapes

The Grapes

Assuming that you’re thinking about what the Thames docks could have felt like before their Disneyfication into Docklands, these restricted, ivy-shrouded, and carved glass premises are a great spot amongst all pubs in Canary Wharf to begin.

The first-floor room of this riverside bar, which dates from 1720, is all wood boards and nautical jetsam.

In September 2011, the Grapes was purchased by entertainer Sir Ian McKellen, and he’s been known to have the occasional bar test to an enthralled crowd.

8. Munich Cricket Club

Munich Cricket Club

In truth, it’s truly not what you’d expect in these parts, but rather it shockingly works. With laid-back inviting energy and extraordinary German brews, it may very well be our beloved not-so indulgence

Try not to change your screens; you truly read Munich Cricket Club. Also, indeed, it’s every inch as arbitrarily splendid as it sounds.

With a Bavarian scenery of lip-licking German food, very much prepared drinks, and an unmissable week after week Oompah band, it’s one of the liveliest Canary Wharf bars you’ll find.

9. Iberica


All things being equal, drinks are served in reasonable goblet brew glasses, with a sprinkling of tapas to line one’s stomach. Much we can learn. Requesting a craftsman cheddar board, a few restored types of meat, and an Estrella is a decent spot to begin.

The Spanish accomplish waiting for post-work drinks with such complexity. There’s no bringing down shots on a Monday night or a filthy kebab at 12 pm – yes, we’re conversing with you!

Iberico must be probably the best bar in Canary Wharf for all the medications flows.

10. Pergola on the Wharf

Pergola on the Wharf

With a brilliant menu of regular, occasional fixings, this is the spot for a power lunch followed by a saucy mixed drink. Come Friday night; you’ll need to do everything over again with unrecorded music and DJ sets keeping the groups shaking.

High over the northern dock, with all-encompassing perspectives across the quays, you’ll track down Pergola – a clamouring roof bar in Canary Wharf.

With herbal brightness coating, it is a very much sharpened mixed drink menu (attempt the White Plum Blossom) and floor-to-roof steady light; it’s just about as close as you’ll get to eat on a cloud.


It’s Canary Wharf’s wealth of outdoor patios, bars with a view, and plain bars that appropriately acquire it a put-on London’s social guide. Only a couple of prevents from London Bridge’s clubbing scene and the nightlife desert spring that is Shoreditch.

These fantastic spots are an outstanding choice for after-work drinks or a couple of drinks before heading for a night on the tiles. So, pick among the above in our grasp-picked manual for the best pubs in Canary Wharf.

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