Professional Outfit – Learn How to Accessorise

Professional Outfit - Learn How to Accessorise

3 Accessories for Upgrading Your Business Outfit

Don’t know how to properly style your business outfit? Accessories can truly amplify your style. However, choosing the wrong accessory could also ruin your outfit. Avoid dirty looks at the office by learning how to properly choose accessories. In this article, you’ll read about the three best accessories to use when styling your office outfit.

Add a Watch for Style and Class

No matter your gender, a watch is a great accessory for all. Watches make you look sophisticated and stylish, a look that can certainly benefit you during a job interview or presentation. Furthermore, studies have been conclusive about wearing watches on the work floor: it makes you look utterly reliable. This can come in handy when on a business meeting with a client or for managers on the work floor.

Add a Watch for Style and Class

There are countless brands to select from when it comes to picking a watch to wear. For example, there are high-class brands, such as Rolex, Audemars Piguet, and Patek Philippe. Unfortunately, high class also comes with a high price tag. If a brand-new Rolex is a bit out of your budget, there are other watches to choose from, such as the businessmen’s all-time favourite tradition watches from Montblanc.

Montblanc enjoys great fame for its reliable watches made of high-quality materials while still maintaining affordable prices. Pick a sophisticated chronograph, or amplify your style with a classic automatic watch. There’s ample choice when it comes to stylish watches at Montblanc.

Shoes Make the Man (or Woman)

The shoes that you wear can make and break your outfit. Even if you wear your most beautiful suit or stylish dress, a pair of worn-out sneakers will make any outfit look ragged. It’s therefore essential to pick a good pair of shoes to go with your business outfit. For men, it highly depends on whether you’re wearing a business or business casual outfit.

You should always opt for a fancy pair of laced leather shoes for business. To make sure that you always have shoes to fit with your outfit, it’s best to have a few pairs in different colours, such as black, dark blue, brown, and grey. A business casual outfit can make do with a pair of clean sneakers, as long as they do not have tears or holes.

Shoes Make the Man (or Woman)

For women, having a pair of sturdy heels that you can walk all day on is a must. A basic pair of heels that should be in any businesswoman’s closet is the black closed-toe pump. Black block-heeled boots are a great accessory for autumn and winter. The most important thing to look for when shopping for heels is a pair you can comfortably walk on all day. A good tip is to buy a pair of removable gel cushions for extra comfort.

Your Hair Is Your Most Valuable Accessory

Some people might not consider this as an accessory, and some might not even have it, but the way your hair looks can certainly determine how you look as well. The most important thing is, of course, to have clean hair. Dirty hair does not belong in the office, and certainly not when hosting a webinar or meeting with a client. Besides cleaning your hair, taking good care of it is also important.

One great way for women to wear their hair professionally is to wear it up or half down. Examples of suitable hairstyles are a low bun, braided bun, or half updo with a ponytail or small bun. Men should keep hair away from their ears, eyebrows, and neck and get haircuts regularly to maintain orderliness.

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