Thermalite Blocks – Best 10 Providers in UK

Thermalite Blocks Top 10 Best Providers

What is a Thermalite Block?

Thermalite is a material that is recycled by mixing sand, cement, lime, powdered aluminium, processed waste, and water altogether. Thermalite blocks are closed micro-cellular structures presenting miniature pockets of trapped air and are lightweight to handle.

They are lightweight because they are made from aerated concrete, 80% of fuel ash, also known as burned coal, and are far better than the traditional concrete blocks. 

These blocks were originated in the 1920s in Sweden and have been a part of the UK’s construction work since the 1960s. They are a better option when compared to the traditional concrete blocks since they provide improved strength, high thermal and sound insulation, are moisture-resistant, easy to work with, and can be laid down quickly. 

How they are Different from tRaditional Blocks?

An aerated thermalite block is far better and more sustainable than a traditional concrete block. The solid concrete blocks are a replacement for clay blocks and are heavy and difficult to handle.

The aerated blocks are further cut into masonry blocks or made into panels or planks that make them easier to deal in. They are almost 80% lighter than the traditional red bricks, and this feature provides them with an edge over the latter. 

Thermalite Blocks – Best 10 Providers in UK

1. H+H Partners in Wall Building

H+H Partners in Wall Building

The title of the largest thermalite and aircrete producer is bagged by H+H UK Limited. They are the leading manufacturers, researchers, and developers who have transformed a traditional aircrete block into a versatile one.

They produce thermalite blocks under the name of Celcon Blocks and reassure of their durability for a lifetime.

These blocks are BBA Certified and fire-resistant, being non-combustible in nature. They can be used to build cavity walls, solid walls, partition walls, party walls, and foundations.   


2. Forterra


Forterra is one of the honored manufacturers of a great range of building products and is a distinguished brand in the construction world. It has to its name the second position as the largest provider and manufacturer of thermalite blocks.

They make cost-effective blocks that can be used to build walls in basement construction and come with good compressive strength, helping to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

They are made from locally gathered raw materials and contribute not only to thermal mass but can also be recycled when used. 

3. Thomas Armstrong

Thomas Armstrong

They produce aerated concrete blocks that are environment-friendly and maximize energy efficiency by decreasing waste. They are manufactured by selecting raw materials and manufacturing them with the help of energy-saving technology.

There furnish you with blocks of various densities and sizes with European standards dimensions of thermal values. They give you an option to choose the best-suited thermal block for you from the vast categories of blocks that they produce. 

4. Tarmac


Headquartered in Solihull, England, Tarmac is a company that manufactures building materials required for construction. Talking about aerated blocks, they offer you blocks under two brands – Durox and Toptile.

They are designed to be used below DPC, replacing both the inner and outer leaf, wall tiles, and concrete fills. These blocks are frost-resistant, offering a high thermal insulation.

5. EJ Glendinning

EJ Glendinning

With its headquarters in Newton Abbot in the United Kingdom is a prominent producer of aerated blocks. They also supply a wide variety of blocks suitable for both internal and external walls, foundations, and other purposes.

Their aerated blocks are manufactured in a semi-automated facility and are CE certified.

6. MGN Builders Merchants

MGN Builders Merchants

If you are looking to purchase aerated blocks for commercial or domestic use, you can do that from MGN builders merchants. They provide blocks that can be used in any and everything and are referred to as breezeblocks.

They are the fastest-growing company and offer you the delivery of the ordered items on the same day itself.

7. Jewson


Headquartered in Coventry, United Kingdom, it is one of the biggest chains that supply and sell products from the largest builders and merchants from Britain and have a bunch of branches all over Great Britain.

Jewson allows you to purchase from a large variety of products and is a prominent retail shop to buy construction material.

8. Grafton Group

Grafton Group

It is a builders merchant based in the United Kingdom and Ireland and owns a few companies, a few of which are:


This is a Builders’ Merchants in the UK selling building material to the general public. You can either visit its store or surf on its online website.

It gives you options from the most prominent brands in the construction industry to choose from. They list trusted suppliers and provide quality products and reliable delivery. 

Selco Builders Warehouse

Situated in the United Kingdom, it is a builders merchant for trading purposes. It was originated by Sewell & co. Ltd in 1988 and is concerned with supplying building materials. It allows you to buy a thermalite block of your choice online. 

9. Crest


With three decades of experience in the construction industry, Crest provides you with a wide range of building materials that complement and enhance the building. They are a UK-based brand that manufactures and distributes across the country.

They offer blocks that are aerated and have outstanding sound and thermal insulation, are quick and easy to handle, are fire-resistant, are environment friendly, and cannot be damaged by frost or moisture.

10. YTong


They are safe to use and enhance the image of the project they are used in. The products that YTong designs are CE marked and distribute moisture along with the creation of a comfortable living environment.  

Being the world’s largest manufacturer and producer of aerated concrete blocks, this company is headquartered in Greece.

They design products that have outstanding thermal insulation and have a robust supporting frame that allows them to bear high load capacity and are fire-resistant. 

Benefits of Aerated Blocks

Thermalite or aerated blocks provide a wide range of benefits when used. Some of these benefits are listed below:

  • These blocks are lightweight and durable as compared to traditional bricks. 
  • They are easy and quick to work with. 
  • These blocks are recycled items and thus are environmentally friendly.
  • They are resistant to fire, moisture, temperature fluctuations, and snow.
  • They provide high thermal and sound insulation.


Thermalite blocks also called aerated concrete blocks, are recycled and environment-friendly building materials that offer you tons of advantages when compared to traditional building blocks. This article furnishes you with a variety of manufacturers and suppliers that offer thermalite blocks. 

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