How to Speak to Someone at Hermes?

How to Speak to Someone at Hermes


One of the most necessary parts of any service-based company nowadays is their customer service facility. Be it a courier facility, food delivery service, etc., all these services tend to have a breaking point where the service becomes difficult for the customers to access, or there comes some miscommunication that can degrade the company’s name if not handled swiftly and efficiently.

Hence, nowadays, most organizations stress creating skilled, vital customer service to deal with all the grievances with precision and care. A similar mindset has helped many firms like Hermes establish an effective customer care department to maintain their reputation.

So now the most basic question a customer can ask is how to speak to someone at Hermes? or how can anyone express their issue to the concerned authority of the business whose service they have availed.

How to Speak to Someone at Hermes?

  1. The most straightforward way of contacting someone at Hermes is by calling the customer service number provided on the official website. Like most other companies, Hermes has an automated menu system that is relatively standard and easy to understand.
  2. After carefully following the steps given by the automated menu system, we can talk to a customer service representative after providing our Hermes account details and package tracking number.
  3. Sometimes, it is not even necessary to talk to any representative if the problem could be solved by the machine-generated solutions already included in the system. However, it is essential to keep in mind while calling customer care that we can reach a representative only within a stipulated time fixed by the company.
  4. Another way of contacting someone from the Hermes office is to email them at their official email id. Most well-reputed organizations have an efficient mailing system to respond quickly to the customers’ grievances. An advantage of the mailing system is that it gives the customers enough time to list all their issues systematically and encourages quick resolution of their problems.
  5. The use of social media is another way of getting a guaranteed response from the concerned company. Using the Facebook wall of the company account might just get us a quicker response than most other traditional methods.

Some common factors for consumers to keep in mind

Some Common factors for consumers to keep in mind

  • Loss of parcel during delivery: It is not uncommon for customers to discover that the parcel they waited for a long time will never get delivered to them. This can have a devastating effect on any company as it will lose its reliability, making consumers shift to alternate, often rival firms.
  • Delivery of damaged parcels: This is a more frequent occurrence in the case of parcels shipped over a great distance. The uneven pathways make it difficult to keep the perishables safe for such a long time, even if proper care is taken.
  • Customers are confused with handling the digital system: Many consumers, especially the elderly, have difficulty handling the current technology. Thus, they often become the doubt box of the company, which needs to provide a meticulous, step-by-step explanation of the whole process.
  • Tracking the parcels: Some customers (mostly first-time users) like to track the progress of their parcels to ensure efficient delivery of them. Thus, providing easy and transparent shipping and tracking details is a significant task for the customer service department, especially for those who cannot get the hang of using tracking apps that are available on the company’s official site.

Skills sought after by the various customer service providers for hire

Customer Service Providers

  • Good communication skills: Someone who is not only fluent in more than one language but can express themselves in the most straightforward manner possible. The person should be able to get through to the consumer to understand and solve their issues.
  • Efficient time management skills: It is well known that the customer care departments get thousands of calls almost every hour of the day. Hence an employee in that department needs to be prudent while allotting time for each client. They need to ensure no extra time is wasted on a customer while another awaits proper guidance to solve their issues.
  • Technological know-how: No customer service provider can solve the technical problems faced without appropriate technological know-how.
  • Patience: It is rarely acknowledged, but this sector of a company tests its patience every second of the day. It is not easy to keep calm and be level-headed when a customer fails to understand the apparent solution to their query, even with countless explanations.
  • Proper educational qualification: Like every other job, this section of a firm requires some basic academic qualifications from its employees. But the degree required varies from company to company.

Now that we have gathered enough information on the reasons for the existence of customer service departments, how the employees are hired there and how to contact them, we discover a unique feature of some companies that removes the necessity of the middleman.

Rise of digital assistant

Rise of Digital Assistant

Every other company has this unique chat feature so that customers can get instant replies from the inbuilt digital assistant app that has already been fed the answers to some frequently asked questions. At Hermes, the digital assistant is called Holly. But here, too, some rules must be followed.

Precautions to take while talking to HOLLY

  • Never write bank details, passwords, or debit card numbers in the inquiry
  • In case of specific questions regarding shipping items or a particular label, an attachment can be uploaded in a picture or scanned document format.

The best advantage of Holly is that she is available all twenty- four hours a day, unlike representatives who work for a limited period.


A customer service department can be both a bane and a boon to the company. On the one hand, it protects the company name from being smeared with a bad reputation, while on the other hand, some idle sections of the same department become a liability in business.

So one must keep in mind that a consumer’s issue will be heard in one way or another, if not by email or phone, then through the digital assistant.

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