Home Redesign Trends To Consider for 2022

Home Redesign Trends to Consider for 2022


Sustainability, energy independence, and smart technology will still be essential parts of home decor trends in 2022, but the interior design trends will be more varied.

This year, many current trends (like statement lighting) are here to stay. We can also expect the use of multifunctional spaces to continue to rise as many of us remain working from home.

Given this selection, you will not only be able to design an on-trend house but also one that will be fashionable for years to come. Discover this year’s trendiest and most practical interior design elements!

Designer Radiators

Designer Radiator

Modern designer radiators offer more than just the ability to provide heat. With a vast array of designs available to complement the aesthetic of your home, designer radiators become the main points of any space, drawing attention and enhancing the decor.

No longer will you have to hide your boring old convector radiators. With designer radiators, you can give your home heating a modern makeover.

You can create a focal point in your house with designer radiators that look like wall art, provide bold patterns against a dark and mood wall, and are disguised as elegant decorative objects. Consider framing the room with two vertical radiators if you have an open-plan space with a nook or a stunning bay window.

Not only will this produce an extraordinary amount of heat, but the symmetrical design you’ve produced will also attract any visitor’s attention.

Paint Your Ceiling

Paint Your Ceiling

It is unlikely that painted accent walls will reappear as top interior design trends in 2022. Instead, colour saturation is the latest interior design trend for home lovers. This is the technique of selecting a single colour and applying it to various surfaces inside a single location. In 2022, this will also apply to painting the ceiling.

In a small room, painting the ceiling and walls the same colour can make the area’s borders fade, minimising visual disturbance and creating a cosy, enclosed atmosphere.

Sculptural Lighting

Sculptural Lighting

For dramatic interiors, abandon conventional lighting alternatives for sculptural lighting that combines art and function.

Sculpture lighting comprises light fixtures fashioned in various sculptural forms and styles. Not only is a sculptural light fitting considered art, but it also serves as the main focal point of any space.

You can find sculptural lighting in almost every imagined location, from coffee shops and art galleries to your living space.

This form of natural lighting may be installed in corridors, dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and almost every room in your home.

Because they may be hung as chandeliers, set on tables as lamps, and mounted on walls as sconces, these fixtures can be used in various places of a home or business.

Multifunctional Spaces

Our living spaces evolved into much more than only places to congregate with family or rest after a hard day. The home was suddenly a centre of business, education, exercise, and yoga! Possibly no other space has grown more used or multipurpose than the living room.

Interior design trends 2022 dictate that it will be essential to take inspiration from minimalism and compact dwellings for how furniture fulfils many functions in these spaces.

Examples include:

  • A little desk that slides down from the wall
  • A dining table that converts into a bench or workstation
  • Concealed storage for office or creative equipment

All of these may facilitate using a single area for several functions. Some furniture design pieces can be folded into smaller sizes while not in use. Then, you may conceal it behind a bed or a sofa.

Consider natural materials like bamboo and cork, and choose sustainable organic materials when purchasing upholstered furniture to minimise off-gassing and chemical residue.


Curved lines have been popular in interior design for a while, but top interior designers say arched shapes will be more popular in 2022.

How can you make this trend work in your own home? The best way to encourage these home decor ideas is with alcove shelves and brightly coloured headboards.

Arched shapes are also becoming popular in architecture, especially as ideas for modern house extensions. Arches will be a big part of home design in every way, from barrel-vaulted roofs to window treatments and even doorways.

Copper Elements

Brass and matte black have been the most popular finishes for fixtures and hardware in interior design in the past few years, but there’s a new one to think about.

Copper will start to replace the very popular brushed brass, and this will give kitchens, bathrooms, and even living rooms a new look and a striking look. High-end dining tables with white marble tops and this classy colour will be a statement piece for the coming year.


Every interior designer agrees that the versatile interior trend for 2022 is shaping up to be bold with natural textures, soft furnishings, decorative outdoor furniture, and curved furniture making a modern home improvement.

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