Golf Range – Top 15 in UK

Golf Range Top 15 in the UK

Golf is one of the favourite games in European countries, and you can see many Golf clubs in UK and US. Many youngsters and children are eager to learn Golf. In this article, we will discuss the Top 15 Golf Ranges in the UK.

Golf Range – Top 15 in UK

1. Royal Birkdale

Royal Birkdale

The Birkdale originally was just a nine-hole course, but in 1894 the course extended it to eighteen holes. The golf course was re-designed in the 1930s to be championship ready. The course is one of the most famous in the United Kingdom. 

The course comes among the top regarding fairness and has very well laid out fairways. 

2. The Royal St George Golf Club

The Royal St George Golf Club

Dr William Laidlaw Purves spotted the golf course as it was a fantastic piece of land with massive dunes. And finally, it was opened to play in 1887. This course was the first English golf course to host the Open championship snd is frequently used for the same. 

The St. George golf course is different from the traditional courses and is surrounded by natural beauty. 

3. Royal Lytham

Royal Lytham

This course is considered a tough one among all the methods in Britain. It even has an imposing clubhouse that is filled with different golfing memorabilia. It almost feels like walking inside a gold museum. 

This golf course is neighbouring to the Royal Birkdale and gives good competition to its size and quality. It is located near the sea, providing a sturdy breeze and a view of seagulls flying by. 

4. Royal Country Down

Royal Country Down

The Royal County Down is one of the most scenic golf courses globally. This course is situated in the northern part of Ireland. The course has its eccentricities but in a charming sense. It has a traditional touch to it. 

It would be a perfect place to hold an Open championship, and many experts are trying to figure out why that hasn’t happened yet. Some even call it the best-golfing course in the whole world.

5. Sunningdale Golf Club

Sunningdale Golf Club

The old course at Sunningdale is one of the most beautiful golf courses in the United Kingdom. It is a natural beauty with pine, oak and birch trees. Initially, the course was laid out in barren land, but today it is one of the lushest green courses. 

The Sunningdale is considered one of the most suitable golf courses globally. If paired with the new course, they make the perfect combination.

6. Swinley Forest Golf Club

Swinley Forest Golf Club

The swirly forest is one of the famous golf courses in the Surrey/Berkshire sand belt. For a long time, this course was not maintained well, and it seemed as if it had frozen in time. Finally, in the 1990s, the Swinley forest course was made.

The course since then has improved tons. It has become longer and comes as one of the delights to play in. 

7. Woodhall Spa

Woodhall Spa

There were severe redevelopments held in 2015, after which the course was decluttered, and the unique bunkering was allowed to dominate the views. You will be expected to have constant attention while playing on this course. 

Although not a tournament course, it is a callous place to play in. The course competes with the Loch Lomond and the old Sunningdale course for the ‘best inland golf course’ in Britain.

8. Ganton Golf Club

Ganton Golf Club

The Ganton club can be classified as both an inland course and a heathland. This course was initially called the Scarborough club. It is one of the only few inland courses in Britain where Open championships are held. 

It is a friendly and warm club for both non-golfers and amateurs. Even for serious golfers, this place proves to be a delight. 

9. Royal Liverpool Golf Club

Royal Liverpool Golf Club

The Royal Liverpool course has a long history of hosting the Open championships. The course was formerly known as Hoylake. The course has also been subjected to many alterations throughout its time. 

The course is tough to play at with a proper representation of its tradition and history and provides a genuine golf test. The most recent alteration started in 2020, which was done because of the 2022 Open championship. 

10. Formby Golf Club

Formby Golf Club

The Formby course is one of the most beautiful courses in the United Kingdom. The course is not easy to play at, and the holes are located in an anti-clockwise circle. It hosts several amateur competitions and events.

Although it is one of the lesser-known courses in the northwest, if you haven’t been here, you should give it a shot. You won’t be disappointed.

11. Royal Portrush Golf Club

Royal Portrush Golf Club

Royal Portrush is a very beautiful and the only course outside of Britain to host the Open championship. This royal course is situated in Northern Ireland and has a long history of changes in more than one way.

The course was altered from a nine-hole course to an eighteen-hole course, and its name was changed from the Royal County Club to the Royal Portrush. 

12. St Andrews

St Andrews

The old course at St. Andrews is known for its very special links that have come into existence naturally. It is also known as the ‘spiritual home of golf’ and is among the most famous link courses it is the oldest golf course in the world.

This course is a dream place to play for most people, and if you like the sport, you should play here at least once.

13. Trump Turnberry

Trump Turnberry

The Ailsa course at Turnberry resort is the most scientifically structured golf course globally. It is located on a craggy headland near the small granite island of Ailsa Craig. It is a challenging course to play and has hosted four Open championships.

14. Royal Dornoch

Royal Dornoch

The Royal Dornoch is a very pleasing and mesmerising experience for many amateurs and professional golfers. It is reported that golf was played at this course from as early as 1616. The course has a straightforward, out-and-back layout. 

Many people consider it to be the cathedral of golf. 

15. Muirfield


According to evidence, this golf course is owned and maintained by the HCEG (Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers) and is the world’s oldest course. It comes among the top most used venues for hosting the Open Championships. 

The layout of this course is fantastic and is designed with two concentric rings of nine holes each. Muirfield is a traditional golf link but has good potential and a good calibre.

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