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Football Index, a gambling company that allows users to buy shares in footballers, slashed pay-outs on Friday, causing outrage, and has now ceased trading and is into administration. Read this guide on the football index forum to understand better about the football index forum.

What is Football Index?

what is football index forum

Like the stock market, Football Index is a gambling platform that allows its clients, or ‘traders,’ to purchase shares in players.

During the last three years, ‘dividends’ have been a critical source of revenue for ‘traders.’ While the share value can grow and decrease to provide earning potential, the other primary method ‘traders’ earn money is through ‘dividends.’

These payments, which totaled £11 million throughout the 2019/20 season, came daily, weekly (soon to be withdrawn), and monthly, and correspond to each player’s success based on media activity and on-the-field performance.

History of the Football Index

History of the Football Index

The Football Index is a fantasy football futures exchange. It allows you to purchase and sell future football contracts. Fame Ventures and Gold-Platinum-Platinum-Platinum-Plat I introduced it in 2015, following the success of their initial concept, ‘the Footie.’

The Football Index had £200 million in trade by the end of the 2018/2019 season, with more than £2 million in dividend distributions. Football Index has already gained 100k users by January 2018. The trader portfolios in the index can vary from £10 to £1,000,000.

Football Index Tips & Strategy

Football Index Tips & Strategy

At Football Index, there are two basic methods to profit. You can earn money by receiving dividends or selling your stock.

1. Trading shares

The best approach to earning is acquiring shares and building a portfolio of footballers whose prices you believe will rise. As these competitors’ interest ascends throughout the season or north of quite a while, you’ll have the option to profit from the offer of your portions.

Well-known players are a low-risk, low-reward method. Younger athletes are much cheaper, but they may pay significantly larger percentages as their careers advance.

2. Dividends

Football Index also offers bonuses based on a player’s performance. Dividends are another stock market word for this. Media Dividends and Match Day Dividends are available. These are set dividends on shares in your portfolio. You will be paid a certain proportion depending on the performance of your players.

How Will It Make You Money?

How Will It Make You Money.

1. Growth in capital

When many individuals, their price rises, purchase a player. When a large number of people sell, the price falls. People will buy a player for various reasons, but it all boils down to how much potential they believe that player has.

They are much discussed when a player performs well, scores a hat trick, or is a new young player, and transfer rumors abound. They are set to return from injury or have just been named in a national squad; these are all reasons to purchase. The critical talent is identifying players who will improve before everyone else.

2. Buzz Dividends based on performance

Every match in the major leagues and competitions contributes toward payouts for the Best Defender, Midfielder, and Attacker on that particular day. The bigger the payouts, the more matches played. Each player’s performance is assessed by totaling everything they perform on the field and awarding a score.

It is referred to as Performance Buzz. Alternatively, PB. Players that are more likely to rack up a lot of PB are the most sought after and typically the most costly. An extra payout is awarded to the star player who has the highest points for the day.

3. Dividends in Play (IPDs)

Last year, it was added to stimulate more aggressive trade. IPDs are only valid for the first 30 days after purchasing a share. During this time, each goal scored by an Att and Mid will earn you an extra 1p per share, 2p for each goal scored by a Def, and 1p for each clean sheet recorded by a GK. +1p for any positional assist.

4. Media Coverage

Every time a player is mentioned in the media, they earn Media Buzz (MB) points. Every day, the player who has the most MB wins a prize. There are higher rewards if there are no matches that day or if there is a promotion running (like last summer, they paid out for the top 5 places during the offseason)

5. Bonuses

There have previously been deposit or purchase incentives of 5% and 10%. These are highly profitable since you receive the incentive in cash.

Is It Possible to Lose Money on Football Index?

Is It Possible to Lose Money on Football Index

Yes. Remember, this is gambling. However, it is not merely a win or a loss on a single match, unlike conventional gambling. Because each share lasts three years, you have a good chance of making a profit overall, even if the price of certain individual players falls in the short term.

Since its introduction in 2015, the index has grown month after month. However, it is critical to invest in diverse players rather than putting all of your eggs in one basket. I’m way ahead of my initial investment, but I’m still losing money on several players, so it’s critical to diversify.


Index betting is a new concept. It combines ideas from stock markets, sports betting, betting sites, and fantasy sports to create a one-of-a-kind betting experience. The betting approach is very different from traditional betting. In this case, you must consider the long term. Profits may not be as large at first, but you must continually change your technique to win regularly, like in the stock market.

Football Index is ideal for professional bettors because it allows them to earn steady dividends on their bets and profits on their sales. This form of betting may not be for everyone, but it never hurts to give it a go. We hope the above guide on the football index forum helped you understand the concept of the football index forum. Stay in touch for similar reads.

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