What does Draw no Bet mean?

what does draw no bet mean


You’re probably reading this because you’ve seen the “draw no bet” betting market in a Sportsbook or an article and are curious about it. We will happily explain all you need to know about the betting market, such as where it is utilized and what it means to you. We will also provide some examples to help you understand that drawing no Bet means better.

Everything you need to know about Draw No Bet

Everything you need to know about Draw No Bet

Draw no bet may appear complex if you don’t know what it implies, but it’s relatively simple. The betting market is growing increasingly popular among bettors who prefer not to gamble. On three-way markets, a draw-no bet enables you to bet on either the “home” or “away” outcome.

You’re undoubtedly wondering what happened to the third potential outcome, and the answer is that you scratched out the draw option. It implies that if there is a draw, often known as a “tie,” your investment will refund. You shouldn’t anticipate fantastic odds while putting these sorts of wagers. Because of the nature of the betting market and the lesser risk for clients, it will most likely have lower odds. As a result, dart betting markets such as draw no bet and double chance often have lower odds than match winner or accurate score.

Remember that not all bookies offer these betting sites for various sports. Actually, basketball and tennies cannot end in a draw, because these games are more time and different rules are being implemented. In addition to the full-time match market, some bookmakers may provide a first- and second-half tie with no bet market. We’ll offer you a few examples from other sports below.

Sports That Feature Draw No Bet Market

Horse racing

Because not all sports result in a tie, bookmakers can draw no bet wagering on all sports. Sports that can result in a tie/draw and where the betting market might use include:

  • Horse Racing
  • Australian rules
  • Chess
  • Ice hockey
  • Soccer
  • Cricket
  • Boxing
  • Other Racing Sports

Keep in mind that several of these sports, such as Tennis have special rules to ensure that the match does not last too long. It assures that the match will not result in a tie, so the “draw no bet” market selection isn’t available in Tennis or Sumo.

Draw No Bet Wagers and Their Outcomes


Assume you wish to place a wager on a Tottenham Hotspur and Southampton match. The probability for each of the two possible outcomes of this hypothetical match is as follows:

Tottenham Hotspur – 7/10 (1.70)

Southampton – 21/20 (2.05)

The odds would be as follows if we were talking about the match-winner betting market:

Tottenham Hotspur – 29/20 (2.45)

Southampton – 21/10 (3.10)

Because the “draw” result is removed, the odds are reduced, making it more equitable.

Assume you wager £20 on the “draw no bet” betting market that Spurs would win the match. If they win, you stand to gain £21, and your total payment will be £41. If the game is a draw, you will receive the whole amount (£20) of your investment returned, as if you had not placed the wager in the first place. If Southampton wins the game, you will lose the £20 wager you placed on the event.

Is It Possible to Mix Several Draws with No Bets?

Suppose the lower risk appeals to you, but the lower profit makes you less likely to put a draw no bet betting. If that’s the case, you’ll be pleased to learn that you may play doubles, trebles, or even accumulator bets by combining multiple selections. It might be of interest in two ways. We’ll explain them using the example of a double.

Imagine you have two games you believe are close to calling, with a draw posing a danger. Let’s look at West Ham vs Newcastle and Tottenham vs Everton as examples. A typical double that you support both home teams to win (a draw means you lose) provides a £29.42 profit on a £10 bet. Remove some of the danger by betting on the draw no bet market on both games, and you might make £10.91.

The alternative situation involves selections with varying degrees of likelihood. We’ll stay with the West Ham-Newcastle game as the one to watch, while Liverpool is a decent bet to overcome Leeds at Anfield.

When you bet on Liverpool in the draw no bet market, the odds become extremely skewed and unappealing. Instead of leaving the bet alone, you might place a bet on Liverpool to win in a conventional match outcome scenario, with West Ham as a draw no bet. If the West Ham game ends in a tie, your money will not reimburse, but the wager will combine into a single bet on a Liverpool win.

When using the draw-no betting strategy in an accumulator situation, any draw-no bet selections that finish in a draw drop out of your accumulator. For example, an eight-fold with one draw no bet ending in a draw means your wager becomes a seven-fold, a two-fold becomes a six-fold, and so on.


The Draw No Bet betting market eliminates the outcome of a draw from three-way markets, enabling bettors to wager on either a home or away win. This article defines Draw No Bet betting, provides examples of bets, and shows how to compute your Draw No Bet odds using 1X2 betting markets.

As a low-margin two-way market, Draw No Bet is becoming increasingly popular among clever bettors and risk-averse traders. Many bettors underestimate the possibility of a tie, yet throughout five Premier League seasons (2012/13-2016/17), 25 percent of all games finished in a draw. The information provided above on draw no Bet mean will assist you in the understanding draw no bet.

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