Choosing the Right Colours for Window Shutters


Shutters can give your home more curb appeal than the other parts of your residence. It adds a finishing touch to any exterior remodel. The benefits of shutters don’t end here.

It can protect you from any storm like a hurricane and saves energy. Once you’ve decided on the style of a shutter, it’s time to choose the right colour.

There are several places in the UK where you can get your desired colour for your shutters. However, Essex blinds and shutters come in different colours according to your home wall colour. So, you have to consider some tips when choosing a colour for your shutter.

How to Choose Shutter Colour?

Depending on the surrounding area, you should choose the colour of your window shutter. Here are some tips which will help you to choose the perfect one.

Choose according to your home wall-colour

Choose according to your home wall-colour

The experts always advise incorporating two or three colours into the exterior and interior design of your home. These should include at least one base colour and one accent colour. For instance, if your wall’s siding is also in the primary colour, you better choose a complementary colour for the trim.

You should always use a match shutter colour that will match your doors or decorative items. In addition, avoiding shutter colours that clash with the other colours of your home is always recommended.

Choose to make a spacious site

You need to consider first the primary colour of your home. Choosing a lighter colour for your home may increase the view with a spacious look. Therefore, choose colours for the shutters which can make a more significant look to your window colour.

For instance, white window shutters may always be your first choice to make your room more spacious. However, dark colours in your shutter bring certain features.

Inspect the neighbouring houses

Inspect the neighbouring houses

It’s always better to grab good ideas from others. If you consider colouring your window shutters to look stunning, you can watch another home in your locality. Some structures can soothe your eyes with their attractive colour combination.

Therefore, this can be an inspiration for your home redesign. In addition, you need to make sure to consider any homeowner’s association rules while choosing a shutter colour for your home.

Choose a little lighter shade

Most colours intensify and look brighter in the sun. Therefore, make sure you choose a little lighter shade of your desired colour for the window shutter than the indoors. It would be best if you considered it while choosing.

Purpose of your window shutter

Purpose of your window shutter

Choosing the shutter colour is just the beginning of your home improvement. First, however, you should consider for which purpose you have built your shutters. Are they just for the show? Or you can operate these.

You better choose a long-lasting colour coat for a usable window shutter to get long life. However, an average-quality colour is enough to highlight a decorative window shutter.

Self-requirement and discussion

You better consider the requirements of the people who live inside your house. For instance, there are so many colours based on the mentioned tips. Essex blinds and shutters come in several colours that you’ll love to use.

However, you might disagree with the colour requirement of your family member. Some prefer white colour, and some members would like to go with dark shade. Therefore, a discussion can give you a suitable choice for your window shutter’s colour.


In conclusion, some expert designers can help you choose the best one for your window shutter. However, it’s better not to have blind faith in any colour designer. Take their advice and also consider the mentioned tips.

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