Best Parks in London – Top 10 Parks

Best Parks in London

London is home to more than 3000 ‘public open space’ parks of different sizes, flora and fauna. Yes, 3000 parks in a city. That is a lot! London is considered one of the greenest cities in the world, and 47% of it is covered by green space.

So if you are ever having a tiring day in London and want to go out for some fresh air, here are some of London’s greenest and most beautiful parks

Best Parks in London – Top 10 Parks

1. Hampstead Heath Park

Hampstead Heath Park

It is sought after by tourists and city dwellers as a place to relax and enjoy nature’s beauty. The park’s high altitude makes it a classic spot for sunsets and sunrises. The features and beauty of this place are suitable for family picnics or sports or even just a walk.

The Hampstead heath park covers over 320 hectares of land and is one of London’s highest points. The park has running tracks, playgrounds, ponds, public open-air pools, a lido and many more. 

It is undoubtedly counted as one of the most elegant and gorgeous parks.

2. Battersea Park

Battersea Park

The park has a children’s zoo, an art gallery, a cafe near the park and many more fun things to do. It is also a host to different festivals, fairs and exhibitions. If you want a place to relax or do other things throughout the day and nature’s theme, Battersea park is an easy pick. 

The Battersea Park in London is one of the underrated parks but is genuinely magnificent and filled with fun things to do. It provides a fantastic river-facing picturesque with an inspiring and well-sculpted Buddhist temple.

3. Greenwich Park

Greenwich Park

It has a rose garden, London’s largest herbaceous border, an orchard and even the oldest deer park in London. It is generally open during the day hours, depending upon the seasonal changes throughout the year. 

Greenwich Park is one of the oldest parks in London, established in the 15th century and was formerly a hunting ground. It spreads over 74 hectares and has a fine view of the river Thames. 

Greenwich Park is divided into the Royal observatory and a sloping hill which offers a great view.

4. Victoria Park

Victoria Park

Victoria Park is especially a prime attraction for younger people. It has excellent cafes, a Sunday market, different festivals, a summer splash pool, and features like swinging, climbing and larking-about equipment.

Victoria Park is 88 hectares of land and is known as ‘the people’s park’. The park has won awards for being the most popular park in the nation. It has majestic lakes, gardens, a pagoda and more things.

If you live in London, you most certainly know about Victoria park and must have visited it, and if you are a tourist looking for places to visit, Victoria park is a must. 

5. Hyde Park

Hyde Park

The park enjoys its fair share of beautiful flora and fauna. Some of the first plants in the park were planted in 1860. The park is also home to some beautifully constructed monuments and memorials. 

The Hyde is one of the oldest and largest royal parks in London. Established in 1536 by Henry VIII is a host to one of the speaker’s corners and other famous events like fairs, festivals and concerts. 

The park is a peaceful and soothing place to relax and spend time with your thoughts. It will remind you of the UK’s great democracy and its past. 

6. Crystal Palace Park

Crystal Palace Park

Some great features of this park include a National Sports centre, a dinosaur trail with the world’s first dinosaur sculptures made in 1854, a lake, the Crystal Palace museum and even a boating lake. People love to spend time at this park because of these features and heritage-filled views. 

Crystal palace park is an enjoyable place by itself, even though a fire destroyed the crystal palace itself in the 1930s. It is an 80-hectare park designed by Sir Joseph Paxton. 

7. Regent’s Park

Regents Park

The park is one of London’s eight royal parks and is a large park covering 165 hectares. It is a typical London park with outstanding natural beauty and a peaceful environment. The park was formerly a hunting ground. 

The park has salient features like a boating lake, walking and jogging tracks, open-air theatre. It even has a zoo and an island with a Japanese influence. 

The park has become an essential spot for tourists and even Londoners.

8. Kensington Garden

Kensington Garden

Situated in central London, the Kensington garden is one of the prettiest places you can visit. The fantastic flora and fauna of the garden and the mighty Kensington palace, which sits in the middle of the park, make it a memorable visit. 

This park is also one of the eight royal parks and covers an area of 111 hectares. Although there are not a lot of activities or things to do in the park you could explore the vast area and get lost in the tranquillity of its different trails. 

9. Holland Park

Holland Park

The Kyoto garden is gorgeous with cherry trees and Japanese maple trees. It also has a waterfall and a koi pond with a footbridge and peacocks as the cherry on top. It is also an excellent place for educational field trips and has an ecology centre.

Holland Park is a small and cosy park with the beauty of flowers. The primary source of attraction for the park is its extravagant botany and the Kyoto garden. 

These features make it a perfect place for family picnics, and family members of all ages can enjoy themselves thoroughly. 

10. St.James Park

St James Park

It is a fantastic place with lakes that inhabit some beautiful bird species and tremendous scenic floral beauty. The park even has a great view of Buckingham Palace. This park had to be on the list without even a question. 

The St. James park is one of the most interesting parks in London. It is situated in one of London’s busiest and important areas yet maintains a peaceful and quiet environment. 

On one side of the park is the great Buckingham palace, and the other side has places like The Mall, Westminster and the horse guards parade.

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