Whitby Holiday Cottages – Top 10 in the City

whitby holiday cottages

If you are planning to spend your holidays by the sea, Whitby is a town located on the seaside in the Scarborough borough of North Yorkshire, England. The spot will surprise you with its one-of-its-kind seaside aura and the gothic culture that is visible in the quirky and fascinating streets and locally owned cafes. The ornate cobbled paths and the intriguing restaurants and cafes on the side are welcoming in a captivating way.

The famous voyager and explorer Captain James Cook’s monument is located up on West Cliff which boosts Whitby’s nag for attracting explorers across the world.

Make sure you have your comfy shoes handy to beat the uphill walks here, especially the 199 steps that take you up at St. Mary’s Church and Whitby Abbey.

To help you make an informed decision while you plan your visit to Whitby, we have scanned and carefully curated the Whitby Holiday Cottages’ top 10 in the city. Have a look-


Whitby Holiday Cottages – Top 10 in the City

1. Old Kipper Cottage

Old Kipper Cottage

Just 100 yards from the Whitby Abbey, the Old Kipper cottage will have your heart. A peaceful spot from the hustle-bustle of the town the place is best in warmer months with its lush gardens and stunning warm and cozy charm.

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The cottage offers amazing space with four bedrooms, a fully equipped and operational kitchen, a garden patio, and free WiFi. If you are a dog person, bring your canine here as the place is dog friendly and designed keeping them in mind.

2. The Boathouse

The Boathouse whitby

The Boathouse makes it 2nd on our list with its stunning beachfront with a view over Whitby Harbour. The spacious patio pushes you to just sit and watch the time-lapse while being in the most centrally located spot that is Boathouse.

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Thanks to this location you can easily access the bars, pubs, restaurants, and cafes just by stepping out of the accommodation, saving time and effort.

The place provides one-bedroom accommodation with a kitchen that has Microwave and a fridge, a bathroom with a bath, a washing machine as well as a hairdryer.

The high tide surrounds the place with water while at the times of low tide you can relax at the beach and forget the worldly miseries in a flash.

3. Paradise cottage

Paradise cottage

With three bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, a TV with the sitting area, and two bathrooms fitted with a shower, The Paradise cottage justifies the name. You can bring along your friends and family here and experience the incredible views of Whitby Abbey.

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The pubs, bars, and restaurants are all accessible and are just within a walking distance of Paradise cottage.

4. Beyond the harbor

Beyond the harbour

From the serene and scenic Whitby harbor, this Victorian-styled townhouse is just a five minutes walk away. It offers a spacious dining area with three bedrooms, a fully operational kitchen, and two bathrooms.

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With tidy and stylish interiors Beyond the harbor makes it a great place to stay and make memories while you are at Whitby.

5. Farndale Cottage

Farndale Cottage

With an open-plan kitchen or diner, the Farndale cottage accommodates six people in its next-to-the-harbor and Whitby beaches location. The front is designed with an enclosed courtyard that provides seating with chairs and tables to spend away the breezy evenings and warm afternoons.

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With a coastal theme shades décor, Farndale cottage is a catch to make your stay worthwhile.

6. Whitby sea view cottage

Whitby sea view cottage

Sea view in every room? You got to be kidding! Well, Whitby sea view cottage is a haven for those who love to sleep and wake up with tides and the vastness of the sea in the sight. Flaunting an 18th-century grade 2 listed building this cottage steals the heart.

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It offers two bedrooms, a living room, a bathroom with a bath, a fully equipped kitchen, and a dining area, and is just a minute away from the beach.

Though it’s fully renovated, the place still has the air and original character of the spot it used to be. If you are looking out to shut off and reset for a while then this cottage is what is made for you.

7. The old post office

The Old Post Office Whitby

Away from the bustling town, the small village of Ruswarp flaunts this unique cottage to spend a peaceful vacation. The place is spacious and holds the original charm though it’s been fully refurbished. The old post office is pet–friendly and offers free WiFi if you happen to stop by.

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This is a calm place to make it in the list of the top holiday cottages in Whitby. Salt Bay- With one king’s size room and a twin room the salt bay is a perfect holiday cottage in Whitby that offers a hot tub. After those long hikes and uphill walks in the town, you can indulge yourself in the hot tub bath and the cozy aura of Salt Bay. The place has free WiFi, private parking for three cars, and a pet-friendly zone across the property.

8. Seashell cottage

Seashell cottage

Centrally located in the town, the Seashell cottage is just a six-minute walk away from the beach. Perfect for couples the place is beautifully decorated and cozy in its stylish character.

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Neatly tucked away from the bustling town the cottage is pet-friendly and comes with a fully equipped kitchen and one bedroom.

Seashell cottage Centrally located in the town, the Seashell cottage is just a six-minute walk away from the beach. Perfect for couples the place is beautifully decorated and cozy in its stylish character.

Neatly tucked away from the bustling town the cottage is pet-friendly and comes with

9. Griffin cottage

Griffin cottage

The dog-friendly and beautifully decorated Seashell cottage offers three bedrooms, a patio, free private parking, and free WiFi. All Whitby’s famous landmarks are accessible from here and it’s just a six-minute walk away from the godly sea that grows on you with every view.

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It’s a perfect spot to make a few lifelong memories and carry Whitby with you until you visit next.

10. Jet Cottage

jet cottage

Jet cottage and Amber cottage are located next to each other off the flower gate that offers easy access to the scenic coastline. If you are with another family, you can pick both the cottages and can stay next to each other.

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It has two bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen that has a Microwave and a fridge, one bathroom with a shower and a TV. This one is dog friendly too with free Wifi available.


An incredible place Whitby is. Its vastness of the sea and the cult streets lead you away from the ghastly realities of the world and soothe your senses with the sea breeze that is in abundance here. Poetic it might sound but so is the charm of the town called Whitby.

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