Restaurants in Bath – Top 10 in the City

Top 10 Restaurants in Bath

Bath, the largest city in Somerset, is one of the most popular tourist spots, and it hosts many restaurants that cater to everyone’s tastes. Here we are picking up our favourites like Sotto Sotto, Noya’s Kitchen, Raphael, Olive Tree to give you the best experiences in Bath.

Restaurants in Bath – Top 10 in the City

1. Olive Tree

Olive Tree

This restaurant has been rated as the only Michelin Star restaurant in Bath located on Russell Street down the Queensberry Hotel. It can be considered a good option for family dining or a romantic restaurant with your partner with its modest interiors.

They offer you the traditional Mediterranean cuisine prepared under the execution of experienced chefs. They also have a desserts section for the sweet tooth. One should try their must-have menu, ‘9.’

They offer starters, including pasta with white Hungarian truffles, baked chocolate with peanut ice cream and Orkney scallops accompanied with grapefruit granita.

2. Noya’s Kitchen

Noya's Kitchen

It offers a vast Vietnamese menu. Moreover, only fresh ingredients are used to prepare their fused menu with stews and broths. All the dishes are freshly prepared, including Marinated Pork Belly or Pho. They also offer a thali-style set menu.

This warm and cozy restaurant offers authentic Vietnamese inspired cuisine. It has an aesthetic interior that perfectly suits dining or a casual lunch. Its dishes give a home cook feel at very reasonable prices.

3. Dough


This restaurant has been rated as one of the top pizza restaurants located on The Corridor in Bath. It is an open-air street restaurant with a countryside décor. They offer you traditional and freshly made pizzas with authentic flavours.

The soft and warm dough can be customised under different options, including turmeric, seaweed or a Grano also dough. The base is complemented by several authentic seasonings, including mushrooms, prawns and a lot of mozzarellas.

4. The Scallop Shell

The Scallop Shell

All the seafood is freshly sourced from local producers. Their menu includes a variety of tempting mouth dishes, including the fried Cornish Wild Black Bream. It should be on the bucket list of every traveller visiting Bath.

This restaurant located in Bath offers exotic seafood dishes. This restaurant has a modern woody interior suited for casual dinners or brunches.

It offers fresh, locally sourced seafood. They have a variety of menus that are cooked with high quality and fresh ingredients. It is said to offer the best fish at highly reasonable rates.

5. OAK


This vegetarian restaurant has a cosy décor with dim and rustic window seating and a beautiful Georgian view and it is one of the oldest buildings in Bath. The restaurant serves a variety of 100 per cent vegetarian dishes.

Its classic dishes include Sourdough cavatelli pasta garnished with cherry tomatoes; chickpeas complemented with smoked pine nut dip, crispy pangritata and arancini. It also offers fine natural wines.

For the sweet tooth, it has several delicacies, including the chocolate truffles, on its menu. It has one of the best-rated services with a lively atmosphere. We will definitely recommend giving it a visit once.

6. The Elder Bath

The Elder Bath

It has an evolving vegetarian menu that includes salt-baked celeriac and coffee-smoked carrots, hot venison stock, golden pastry with lime flavoured mayonnaise. It has an extravagant venue with extraordinary hospitality.

It is an elegant, newly opened restaurant located in Bath with rustic décor including wooden flooring, panelled walls and framed paintings. It is ideally suited for informal dinners or a casual Sunday lunch.

Its menu includes cod tossed in a creamy guanciale sauce, Yorkshire pudding garnished with marinated onions accompanied with a white dip, black bream seasoned with smoked and crispy capers, buttery crumpet and sea bream with eel tartare, partridge with sweetcorn tart.

7. Sotto Sotto

Sotto Sotto

It has a classic Italian menu offering some of the exotic and delicious dishes and a fantastic collection of white wines. They serve innovative and quality food like Italian sausages, seasoned chicken breasts, and grilled swordfish, a must-try dish.

It is one of the best restaurants in Bath, it has an elegant interior with modern aesthetics, including arched walls with panelled flooring.

It also has a Pub with good drinks and a lively atmosphere upstairs. They have a fantastic collection of aged wines. They have a good ambience and excellent hospitality as well.

8. Chai Walla

Chai Walla

The restaurant has a decent choice of vegan. Moreover, it has a simple menu with tempting mouth Indian dishes including samosas, wraps, bhaji with mint sauce and mango chutney wrapped in a roti. The rates are highly affordable.

This Indian based restaurant is among the few Indian restaurants in Bath. Its minimal interiors are perfectly suited for casual dining with friends or family. This restaurant should be given at least one visit.

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9. Raphael Wine Bar

Raphael Wine Bar

Raphael is a restaurant and wine bar located in Bath that offers classic French cuisine infused with British flavours. This open-air restaurant has a lively ambience suited for casual lunch with friends or family, romantic dinners or get-togethers.

It offers the highest quality authentic French flavours because the ingredients used are fresh and are locally sourced. There is a different and unique menu for dinner and lunch, which is regularly evolving.

Its classic starters include seared scallops with bacon crispy duck eggs. Its roasted hake is a must-try dish on its menu. Raphael also has a fantastic and diverse selection of cellar wines. It has friendly service.

10. Marlborough Tavern

Marlborough Tavern

The Marlborough Tavern is located in Northern Bath. It has a cosy and elegant dining facility with retro décor, including reclaimed wooden furniture and leather seating. It offers a freshly prepared homecooked menu.

Their focus is on using locally sourced seasonal ingredients to provide you with the highest quality dishes. They have a range of innovative, traditional and tempting dishes.

Its menu includes crab and ginger salad, roasted white beans, crispy black pudding with fried duck egg, roasted Cornish scallops, pumpkin and black bean falafel with rose harissa.

Its crispy battered haddock fillet with tartar sauce and mushy peas is highly recommended. They also offer a fantastic collection of wines and beers. It has excellent and friendly service as well.

Note: The image used for Chai Walla is not owned by us and it was picked from their Facebook page. The copyrights go to the respective business owner.

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