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If you want someone to handle your mail or parcel with care and ensure it is properly delivered, you should look at the Royal Mail delivery service. The Royal Mail delivery service is a mail delivery service that was established by the British government in 1516 and has been in operation for nearly 500 years. One of the most popular postal services in the United Kingdom is Royal Mail.

In 2018, the service was responsible for around 14.4 billion successful deliveries. King Henry VIII established the Royal Mail delivery service, which provided a cost-effective postal service in the United Kingdom. Although the government still holds the corporation, it was privatized some time ago. Since 2013, shares have been available to the public and offered to a wide range of investors.

What is RDC London?

What is RDC London

An RDC is also called a regional distribution center. A regional distribution center is similar to a warehouse; however, it is not a single business. Multiple organizations typically use an RDC, and approximately a million goods and letters are transported to one of these warehouses every day.

If you’ve ever used the Royal Mail Service, you’ve probably seen that your delivery passes through an RDC at some time while being tracked.

When a parcel arrives at an RDC, it is prepped for dispatch in the future. All of the emails from throughout the country are delivered to specific warehouses once they’ve been deposited.

The mail and parcels are sorted here according to where they will be delivered. Based on the parameters set forth, the correspondence is dispatched from here. The Royal Mail Service currently operates 37 postal centers, split according to their geography.

Romford, Peterborough, the South Midlands, Norwich, Sheffield, Chelmsford, and Nottingham are all part of the Eastern area. Chester, Birmingham, Preston, West Midlands, Warrington, and Manchester are among the terminals in the Western Region.

Northern Ireland (Newtownabbey), Aberdeen, Carlisle, Inverness, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Leeds, and Tyneside are northern endpoints. On the other hand, the southern half is separated into two sections: southwest and southeast.

Truro, Bristol, Cardiff, Dorset (Poole), Exeter, Southampton, Plymouth, Swansea, Swindon, Gatwick, Greenford, Medway, Home Counties North, Jubilee, and London Central are all part of it.

RDCs (Regional Distribution Centers) are the main hub of the mail delivery system. These centers are strategically positioned to facilitate delivery. The RDC provides not only a warehouse but also filters and delivers goods.

They ensure that the delivery is always handed in at the correct location. Scottish Distribution Center in Wishaw, Northern Ireland Distribution Center in Newtownabbey, and South West Distribution Center in Bristol are just a handful of the Regional RDCs.

Tracking Your Royal Mail Package

Tracking your Royal Mail Package

So, how do you keep tabs on your order?

The Royal Mail service will give you a unique tracking ID. You can access it by visiting their website and entering your ID. You will, however, receive a notification once your shipment begins to move. However, you will find  Outward RDC and Outward RDC Volumetric Acceptance terms, so you should become familiar with them.

Instead of going to the website, you can also download the Royal Mail Service App, accessible for Android and iPhone users. After downloading the app, go to the search box and type in the unique tracking ID.

You will receive a message indicating that a Royal Mail employee has received your package. They will also keep you updated on the status of your shipment based on the delivery method you selected. You can also choose the standard mail service. You will receive a confirmation email after the shipment arrival has been confirmed.

After you’ve sent your package, you’ll need to contact Royal Mail to update the status with the information they used to send it. The Royal Mail service will update the information on the tracking system. It can be used to check on the status of a package.

You could also see the parcel’s status. This indicates that the mail has been given to customer service, who will undoubtedly handle the delivery. Another status that may appear for your shipment is in transit.

This indicates that the load is complete and ready to be delivered. The product is now on its way to you. Other terms on the Royal Mail service provider include pending, collected, etc. These are some often used terms.

How does the system work?

How does the System Work

It all starts when you drop off your parcel or mail it in a pillar box or at the post office. The mail is delivered to all depots, and the sorting process begins. The mail is initially sorted at the local post office. The letters are usually picked up and returned to their respective departments by a worker.

The mail is classified into numerous categories and whether the address is residential or business-related. After then, the letters are usually packed in batches made of about 100 letters each. Employees then deliver the letters as per the locations.

There is a method through which the entire system operates, and no letter or parcel is ever lost or misplaced. The process begins as soon as the letters arrive at an RDC, possibly even the Atherstone RDC. From sorting them to sending them to delivery or other delivery locations, the entire process runs efficiently to ensure that your mail arrives safely.


RDC are the best warehouses for sorting mail and primarily word under the Royal Mail service in the Uk. If you ever need a parcel to get somewhere safe, make sure to use their services. Even if you are not home and cannot receive the parcel due to an issue, they will ensure that the package or mail reaches a safe place. I hope you use their services and the RDC since they provide the mail to arrive in time.


How to determine your regional distribution center?

To determine your regional distribution center, go to the website of Royal Mail services> Glossary and Contacts> Regional Distribution Centre. After you select on the drop-down menu, make sure to choose your area correctly, and the RDC in your area will be shown.

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