Outward RDC – A Complete Guide

Outward RDC A Complete Guide


If you have ever shipped parcels out of the country or even throughout, you might have been familiar with the term ‘Outward RDC’. This is a term used by The Royal Mail service, based out of the UK. These days, they deliver in other countries as well. The Royal Mail service was set up in 1516 by the British Government. It is a postal service provider and has been in business for more than 500 years.

If you need to send your mail or parcel, the Royal Mail is voted as one of the country’s most trusted and best postal service providers. In 2018-19, Royal mail shipped over 14.4 billion parcels successfully.

How does the Royal Mail Service Work?

How does the Royal Mail Service Work

Whenever you decide to use the Royal Mail service, they will provide you with an individual tracking address for your parcel. You can see at what stage of delivery it is and the live status of your package every day till received. Letters, parcels and all kinds of deliveries are usually deposited in the Royal Mail post boxes by the individual. These then get transferred to  Royal Mail sorting offices.

What is the Meaning of RDC?

What is the Meaning of RDC

Outward RDC is a term used to track the mail or parcels by the  Royal Mail Service. The full form of RDC is a regional distribution center. So now the next question that comes to your mind must be a regional distribution center.

A regional distribution center is like a warehouse, but it does not belong to any single company. Multiple companies usually use an RDC, and around a million parcels and mails get delivered to one of these warehouses every day.

If you have ever used the  Royal Mail Service, you might have noticed that at some point while tracking your package, the parcel reaches an RDC. When a parcel reaches an RDC, it is prepared for future dispatch.

What is the Meaning of Outward RDC?

At some point, while tracking your package, you will see the term ‘Outward RDC- Volumetric Acceptance‘. It means that presently the parcel was received at an RDC, and now the mail will be readied for future dispatch. The parcel will now be delivered to the actual destination by using the shipping date, which will be available once the parcel reaches a regional distribution center.

Another term that might confuse you is the Outward RDC Handheld Acceptance. This might pop up on your parcel status. So what does this mean? This usually means that your parcel is in the warehouse already. It is accepted, but the parcel will remain in the warehouse for a few days. From the warehouse, then it will get delivered further.

Before any letters or parcels are distributed, they need to be collected. The packages and letters are sent to a warehouse from different parts of the country. And here they are sorted as per the delivery address. This is a daily activity in the RDC.

So How do you Track your Order?

How to Track your Order

The Royal Mail service will provide you with a unique tracking ID. You can use it by going on their website, and then you need to enter the ID. However, once your package starts moving, you will get a notification as well. However, you will have to face the terms like Outward RDC and Outward RDC Volumetric Acceptance, so you should get accustomed to them.

Instead of going to the website, you can also download the Royal Mail Service App, which is available for Android and iPhone users. Once the app is downloaded, you can type in the unique tracking ID in the search box available there.

You will get a notification staying received, and this means that an employee of the Royal Mail has received your package. They will also regularly update you about the parcel’s status as per what kind of delivery you have chosen. You can select the regular mail service as well. Once the package delivery gets confirmed, you will get a confirmation mail.

After you have posted your parcel, you will need to update the status with the Royal Mail with the information they used to dispatch the mail. After that, the Royal Mail service will update the information on the tracking site. You can use it to see the status of the package.

If you are seeing Internal Technical Problems, this can occur due to various reasons, which means the delivery process of the mail will get slowed and a little bit behind schedule. However, this problem occurs only on some occasions.

You might also see the status showing the parcel. This means that the mail has been handed to customer service that will surely take care of the delivery. In transit is another status which might show regarding your parcel.

This means that the package is ready for delivery. This means that the product is in the process of delivery. Other such terms also include pending, collected etc., on the Royal Maid service provider. These are some standard terms.


The Royal Service provider is a best of class parcel delivery service. Now you know what the Outward RDC and Outward RDC- Volumetric Acceptance means when it shows beside the package’s status. You can use the Royal Mail delivery service throughout the UK and even in countries where they provide extended service.


What is the meaning of Inward RDC Volumetric Acceptance?

This is another term used during the transit process of the package. Inward RDC Volumetric Acceptance means that the item is already in the Royal Mail service system and is already halfway into the process of delivery.

What is the meaning of Item Delivered to Safe Place?

This status usually comes up and means that you are not around while the mail is being delivered due to some unforeseen circumstance. In this case, you can choose to have the item delivered to a safe place from which you can collect or receive it later as per your schedule.

What is the meaning of Item In Transit?

This means that the item has been received and is now scheduled for delivery. This status will be marked as the same as how long the package takes to move up the delivery system.

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