Best Pubs in Covent Garden

Best Pubs in Covent Garden

Known for its cobbled roads, enchanting character, and the famous Seven Dials area, Covent Garden is London’s focal point for everything. A bustling place and attracting crowds of travellers, finding a bar in this maze of the West End is a crucial asylum. Home to hearty Irish bars, here are our picks of the best pubs in Convent Garden.

Best Pubs in Covent Garden

1. The Cross Keys

The Cross Keys

With blossoms falling down its resplendently cut exterior, The Cross Keys appears to have been made for Instagramming. However, it has scarcely changed in these many years. Instead, the old-fashioned vibe heats up its inside.

Think a bit of Victoriana – mixed artworks and paraphernalia on its dividers aren’t a sight to be missed. Admittedly, it is a bit dark, yet that adds to its appeal.

2. Craft Beer Co

Craft Beer Co

It is a bar chain that aided to set ‘craft brew’ rage both in a real sense and metaphorically amongst all the pubs in Convent Garden and around. The Covent Garden branch has the broadest choice of cocktails from around the world.

With 30 barrel lines and 15 cask siphons, as well as the ordinary jug choice, you ought to likely show up thirsty and inquisitive about enjoying it all.

3. Mr Fogg’s Tavern

Mr Fogg's Tavern

As the name demonstrates, it is stirred by the experiences of Victorian voyager Phileas Fogg. The flighty bar has a wide range of bird enclosures, toy ships, suitcases dangling from the roof, and a blossom brightened front entryway.

The food too is great. They serve salads and sandwiches during the week and early brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. However, the cocktails are more creative and arrive in an assortment of sizes.

4. Market Corner

Market Corner

Later in the day, you can take lunch or an evening supper washed down with a glass or two of champagne or cocktails on free stream. Likewise, you will appreciate watching the best road entertainers in the country at a middle stage in the Piazza square.

It is an incredibly framed café, champagne bar, and cocktail zone. Shellfish and tidbits are served all through. You can go through your early daytime tasting espresso and biting on a cake.



The bar welcomes you as you stroll in and is the ideal spot for a pre or post-show drink, a chat with companions, and is an ideal place to dazzle a date. You can taste brands like their Little Pedro or Sake Spritz while nibbling on green bean tempura.

Consistently, they also have an alternate SAMBATINI every month, which makes it an ideal reason to come here over and over again.

6. Eve Bar

Eve Bar

It is concealed underneath Covent Garden and London’s own Garden of Eden. This bar brims with allurement, extravaganza, and gratification. With an immense rundown of creatively formed and perfectly presented cocktails, as well as dazzling interior decor.

7. The Porterhouse Covent Garden

The Porterhouse

You need to make an effort not to lose all sense of direction in the labyrinth of Covent Garden’s Porterhouse because of its vibe. It is perhaps London’s biggest and best bar, split into more than three primary levels with many middle mezzanine levels.

It’s a genuine Irish bar that serves a bigger number of brews than you might actually even start to count. It gloats of the best stout on the planet amongst all pubs in Convent Garden.

8. Blame Gloria

Blame Gloria

Blame Gloria is an all-new, all-one-of-a-kind nightspot in Covent Garden. It is animated by ‘a lavish nana that has a groupie past’. This Bedford Street cocktail bar intends to offer diverse and ludicrous energy.

Expect fabrics that are roused by Jimi Hendrix outfits and Peter Blake, boho, and Bowie impacts, all creating an awesome vibe and giving you a chance to shake a stiletto.

9. Balthazar


Balthazar is situated in Covent Garden at the intersection of Russell Street and Wellington Streets. With a choice of French brassiere works of art, served the entire day, Monday to Sunday, Balthazar is the ideal spot to spend your time.

At Balthazar, bistro food, tempting wine, and great service are things to note of.

10. The Harp

The Harp

Despite being taken over by Fuller’s, The Harp is perceived as a genuine larger asylum in the center of town. It resembles a church made just for beer aficionados, who love those pints and perries.

We as a whole realize that a bar is no bar by any stretch of the imagination without several hand siphons for pulling pints, and The Harp brags of ten of them.

11. The Chandos

The Chandos

In the event that Sam Smiths bars are your thing, you’ll definitely fall head over heels for The Chandos. The ground floor is generally a vivacious spot to get a beverage, yet the higher up area separates it.

Exquisite couches and seating space in this endearingly antiquated lush space makes it a more loosened up place for a drink, while the kitchen additionally serves great bar grub. It is certainly the one to look at if you’re coming in a group.

12. The Lost Alpaca

The Last Alpaca

From Mexico’s mezcal and tequila to Brazil’s cachaça, The Lost Alpaca has completely nailed the menu. They have the Peruvian bar snacks on offer, and the bar’s accommodating energy most certainly lifts up nature.

Flower by LIMA has a ground floor bar, making it The Lost Alpaca. The space has, as of late, had somewhat of a makeover, and it currently has another cocktail menu flaunting the best of Latin America.

Whether you’re a traveler, a worker who loves to enjoy a drink before leaving the workplace, or just somebody looking for a loosening up drink in town, the region brings something to the table for everybody.

With a large number of incredible drinking spots scattered around, Covent Garden is a great area to hop for London bar fans. From the Harp to the Porterhouse, these are our pick of the best pubs in Convent Garden.

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