Top 10 David Walliams Books

David williams books

David Edward Williams, Who was born in 1971 is a famous writer known popularly as David Walliams. Not only writing is his profession, he is also well known as a comedian, television personality, actor. He is a well-known writer for children’s books and sold more than 37 million copies worldwide. In this blog, let’s see some of the best David Walliams Books and unique things in each book.

David Walliams Books

1. Marmalade – The Orange Panda

David williams books - Marmalade – The Orange Panda

This was the second picture book written by David Walliams with the collaboration of the famous illustrator Adam Stower. This is one of the most fun and the heart whelming stories of a small panda that was born with orange fur (as the title says this) itself tries to find its place in the dense forest.

This book went on to be created as one of the BBC films, also a theme park ride. This is one of the most interesting books for school kids and also for the small kids as well.

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2. Gangsta Granny Strikes Again!

Gangsta Granny Strikes Again!

This is the first narration of David Walliams where he returns to the world of Gangsta Granny. This story is more hilarious and also an entertaining one with more adventures in it. This is one of the best books which features many loved characters from the original cast.

This has best illustrations which is done by famous Tony Ross. This is available as ebook, audiobook and as hardback copies as well.

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3. Megamonster


This is one of the book by David Williams which is packed with action, adventure in each page. The lessons in this book are more appealing to anyone and especially kids. This book has more notable actions and characters like Doctor Doktur, Science teacher and some more characters.

The main highlight of this book is that David Williams’s son came up with this title and which lead to a wonderful storybook for kids finally.

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4. Code Name Bananas

Code Name Bananas

Code Name Bananas by David Walliams is one of the best adventurous books written by him. This book is a combination of adventure, secret plots in the story and also has many laughter scenes. This book is a story that speaks about the story of the most beautiful friendship between the little boy and the huge gorilla.

If your kid is looking for one of the action-packed laughter books, this will be the best choice for you.

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5. Little Monsters

Little Monster

This is one of the funniest picture books by David Walliams and Adam Stower. When your kids of reading this book, they will fall in laughter many times as this is written in such a way and showcased the best things. The main thing to note about this book is that it was the first time collaboration of Adam Stower with David Walliams.

This book is available in all versions like eBook, audiobook and also as the hardback edition.

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6. The World’s Worst Parents

The World’s Worst Parents

As the title suggests, this book doesn’t have anything against the parents or the other things. This is just the best hinting title that showcases the best story. This book is available both in the hardback and the eBooks format. As you know the illustrator of this book is Tony Ross.

This book has some cute and funny stories of silly moms and crazy dads. This is one of the best laughter books for the kids and for all.

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7. Slime


This is one of the hilarious children’s books which was written by the author David Walliams and the illustrations done by Tony Ross. Slime is a story about an island filled with awful adults who is always happy in making miseries to the children. This book also has famous characters like Aunt Greta and many more.

This book tells the story of how slime was created and a boy uses it to revenge on some of the big grownups.

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8. The Creature Choir

The Creature Choir

The Creature Choir by David Walliams is one of the best Christmas time books which is suitable for many kids and loved by them. The story speaks about Warble the Walrus who loves more to sing. But she is not good at it, unfortunately. Literally, this story is all about it and was a nice one for the kids to enjoy.

Author said that this book is a celebration of doing what you like no matter you are good at it or not.

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9. The Beast Of Buckingham Palace

The Beast Of Buckingham Palace

This is one of the most epic adventure books by David Walliams. This book narrates the story about London is in hard times with all its people are in hungry and full darkness across the land. So you can imagine how it will be right. Also speaks more about the palace.

The author said that this book is a science fiction and fantasy adventure story in London and a hundred years ahead in the future. This is one of the best rated adventurous books by the author, David Walliams. Best for kids.

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10. Geronimo

David williams books - Geronimo

This is one of the famous books which is a story of a baby penguin and its dream. The story of this book speaks about how the baby penguin gets his dream come true with the support of his parents and family. This story narrates that any kind of dream can come true with the support of the parents and family no matter how big it is.

These are the perfect books for the kids to make them believe that they can achieve their dreams if they have strong hope and belief.

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If you are looking for the best David Walliams books for your kids. Then hope you have found some best suggestions for you to buy today from the list we have provided above. Still, there are many books, but we have listed some of the recent David Walliams books in order for you to grab the best picks easily and get the job done.

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