Top 10 Darts World Championship Winners

darts world championship winners

Although darts isn’t the most popular sport globally, it has produced a slew of noteworthy players throughout the years. With tournaments like the Premier League boosting the sport to new heights in recent years, many darts players are being regarded as true superstars.

But who are the all-time great darts players?

That is, of course, a difficult question to answer. However, we have decided to list the top 10 darts world championship winners in history so that you do not have to! Let us begin with my top 10 and work our way up to the best of all time.

1. Adrain Lewis

Adrain Lewis

Adrian Lewis has been at the pinnacle of the darting world for what seems like an eternity. After winning the PDC World Championship for the first time in 2011, he became only the third man to retain it. During 2011 final, he became the first guy to hit a nine-darter in a global final, defeating Gary Anderson.

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Except for the Grand Slam, ‘Jackpot’ has appeared in the finals of every PDC major tournament. His notable victories are the PDC World Championship, the European Championship, and the PDC World Cup of Darts. He’s finished runner-up more times than he’d like, but his skill cannot question.

2. Martin Adams

Martin Adams

Many people feel that we will never know how excellent Martin Adams was since he chose not to join the PDC full-time. On the other hand, Adams was a big success in the BDO. He deserves a position on this list with three Lakeside world titles, three World Masters, and a long and profitable career.

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3. John Part

John Part

Canadian John Part was statistically the best darts player in North America in his prime. He won the BDO World Championship in 1994, followed by the PDC World Championship in 2003 and 2008. He’s reached several big finals but hasn’t won as many as a player of his caliber should have. Image – source

Part’s career has been erratic, ranging from being ‘on par’ with Phil Taylor after defeating him in the 2003 World Championship final to becoming runner-up in five majors.

4. Dennis Priestley

Dennis Priestley

Without question, one of Phil Taylor’s most formidable adversaries. Unfortunately, Taylor had the upper hand on numerous occasions over Priestley, but it didn’t stop him from being a huge success. In 1991, he won the BDO world championship, and in 1994, he won the PDC world championship.

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Taylor defeated Priestley in each of the four World Championship finals. Priestley averaged 101.4 in the 1996 final loss to Taylor, making both men the only players to average 100 or higher in World Championship finals until Raymond van Barneveld in 2007.

5. Gary Anderson

Gary Anderson

Gary Anderson, the best Scottish darts player, has won the PDC World Championship twice (2015 and 2016). He struggled in the BDO, only reaching the World Championship final once in 2003, but since moving to the PDC, he’s improved his game, winning the World Cup of Darts last year, among other achievements.

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Anderson also has the record for the most 180s in a match (22) and the most excellent losing average in a world final (104.93).

6. John Lowe

john lowe

John Lowe was the only darts player to win the World Championship in three distinct decades. Lowe would be recognized as a professional who perfected his art while avoiding the trappings of victory.

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He won the BDO World Championship in 1979, 1983, and 1993 and the World Masters in 1976 and 1980. In addition, Lowe is recognized for striking the first broadcast nine-darter in 1984.

7. Eric Bristow

Eric Bristow

The ‘Crafty Cockney,’ Eric Bristow will go down in darting history. He was the greatest in the business during the 1970s and 1980s and became a household name. Bristow is a five-time BDO World champion, with all five victories coming in the 1980s.

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In 1997, he reached the PDC World Championship semi-finals but fell short. Unfortunately, ‘dartitis’ proved to be Bristow’s undoing, ending his career. Bristow, an excellent gaming icon, was granted the MBE in 1989 and unfortunately died in April 2018.

8. Raymond Van Barneveld

Raymond van Barneveld

An absolute fan favorite, Barney is one of the most decorated darts players globally, having won titles on both sides of the darts table. He has four BDO World Championship titles and one PDC World Championship title.

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In addition, he has won two UK Opens, a Grand Slam of Darts, and a Premier League championship. His PDC World Championship victory over Phil Taylor in 2007 has been dubbed the “greatest darts match ever played” on several occasions.

9.  Michael van Gerwen

Michael van Gerwen

Michael van Gerwen had been dubbed the “darts prodigy.” Within four years of his debut, he threw a broadcast nine-dart finish and won the World Masters championship, both of which are world records.

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While still just 31, the current world number one has won three PDC World Championships, a World Masters, two World Matchplay’s, five World Grand Prix, and the UK Open earlier this year.

10. Phil Taylor

Phil Taylor

Phil Taylor is the most decorated and finest player of all time, having won 16 World Championships. In addition, he has won the World Matchplay 16 times and the World Grand Prix 11 times. Six Premier Leagues and Grand Slams are also notable mentions, although he has already surpassed every other player in history in honors.

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From 1994 to 2007, he also appeared in a record 14 consecutive World Championship finals. ‘The Power’ was also named runner-up in the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award in 2010. If you ask someone who isn’t a sports enthusiast to name a player, Taylor’s name will be the first to come to mind.


Darts is a sport with a fascinating history and even more fascinating players. Records have been broken spectacularly, supremacy by some players has been well-publicized, and the sport’s popularity is growing. With that considered, who are the top ten darts players of all time? We’ve already gone through some of the darts world championship winners.


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