5 Food Packaging Tips From Professionals

5 Food Packaging Tips From Professionals


Is your food packaging strategy exemplary or are you still in doubt if you are making everything right? Whatever the case is, there is always something you can do to further improve your packaging to attract more clients and boost the sales of your products.

If you need some tips on how to make your food packaging better, check out these amazing tips from packaging professionals:

Why do people care about food packaging?

There are many things that could be said about the importance of food packaging even you run it as small business and why people care so much about it.

Adequate packaging improves food safety, prevents spillage, protects edibles from contamination, and maintains a proper temperature within the package or container. That means the product stays fresh and good to eat for longer periods, and it is adequately protected from external harm.

In modern days, it is also noteworthy for food packaging to be compostable or biodegradable. Consumers are widely looking for eco-friendly solutions and are more open to supporting brands that want to make a positive change in the world.

Food packaging tips from professionals

1. Use minimalism

In food packaging, people are used to wild, colorful, and bold designs. So if you want to be different and capture the attention of potential buyers, look the other way. With that in mind, the first professional tip to designing amazing food packaging is to create a simple concept with fewer elements, delicate colors, and less text.

5 Food Packaging Tips From Professionals - Use minimalismBasically, use minimalism to accurately show off the best qualities of your products. Going for a subtle and delicate design will make your edibles look more premium and make your packaging pop on the shelves when displayed among the products of the competitors.

2. Make it sustainable

People want to eat safe-to-consume foods with health benefits. In recent years, the best way to indicate that your product is healthy or bio is through the packaging. Healthy food brands widely use recyclable and biodegradable packaging to indirectly communicate the benefits of their edibles and their care for the environment.

Needless to say, going sustainable and plastic-free with your packaging and boxes is a great way to show your values, reduce carbon emissions, preserve non-renewable resources, gain a positive reputation, attract more customers and increase sales.

There are some amazing eco-friendly alternatives to plastic that have just as good protective qualities. But instead of polluting the land, air, and waters upon disposal, these alternatives break down naturally, with no harm to living organisms or the environment. Sustainable packaging materials like paper and cardboard are also durable, recyclable, and very often – compostable.

3. Communicate your brand identity

Communicate your brand identityThe next tip for success with your food packaging is to clearly communicate the image of your business and brand identity. People should be able to understand who you are, what you do, what products you sell, and what your business values are just by looking at your packaging. You can achieve that with the right messaging and visuals, as well as your brand’s distinctive logo, color combinations, and fonts.

4. Comply with all regulations

The next tip to elevate your food packaging is about being compliant with local regulations regarding the quality and grade of your food items. Make sure you meet all health regulatory quotas. In addition, do not deceive your clients with the labels and markings you put on your packaging. Ensure any labeling and claims accurately represent your food items.

5. Customize the design

Customization is also an important factor when it comes to food packaging. It is what makes your products distinguishable and your brand recognizable, but it also serves as an indirect channel of connection with your clients. Therefore, you need to make sure your packaging design is on point and that it shows off your food’s best traits and qualities in a way that engages people and convinces them to purchase your product instead of the competitor’s.

Customize the designFood packaging customization is all about creating a better experience for your clients until they get to enjoy your consumables. That means design wise you need to think about many factors at once – attractiveness, functionality, emotional prompt, sustainability, relevance, and authenticity.

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