Most Popular Towns and Cities to Search Online for a New Build

Most Popular Towns and Cities to Search Online for a New Build


Birmingham and Manchester are three times more popular with new-build homebuyers than Bristol and Edinburgh. A study has found that the most popular cities for homebuyers looking for new-build properties are Birmingham and Manchester.

The research, which was carried out by property experts Global House Prices, analysed data from Google to find that new builds in Birmingham and Manchester are searched for 1,600 times in an average month.

This is compared to Bristol and Edinburgh, which come ninth and tenth in the study, with just 480 average monthly searches each.

Essex is another of the most desired places for new builds, with the term “New build homes Essex” searched 1,300 times in an average month.

In fourth place is London, with 880 monthly searches on average, followed by Glasgow with 720.

Leeds, Leicester and Liverpool come sixth, seventh and eighth in the study, each receiving an average of 590 Google searches a month.

What are the most popular towns and cities to search online for a new build

The full results of the study are as follows:

Rank Search term Average monthly searches
1 New build homes Birmingham 1,600
2 New build homes Manchester 1,600
3 New build homes Essex 1,300
4 New build homes London 880
5 New build homes Glasgow 720
6 New build homes Leeds 590
7 New build homes Leicester 590
8 New build homes Liverpool 590
9 New build homes Bristol 480
10 New build homes Edinburgh 480

What are the advantages of buying a new-build property?

What are the advantages of buying a new-build property

Whether it’s a brand new city centre apartment or a five-bed home on a housing estate on the outskirts of town, there are multiple benefits to buying new developments.

Some of these are that there’s no chain to slow down or hinder the sale of a property, new builds come with a warranty, which gives peace of mind to the buyer and new houses are more eco-friendly and cheaper to run, thanks to energy-efficient heating, insulated walls, roofs and doors and double-glazed windows.

With a new build, you can also have the option to tailor its features to suit your requirements, and they tend to be bigger — which is particularly beneficial for the growing number of people who are working remotely and need home office space.

What are new-build buyers looking for?

Different things are important to different buyers, however, some of the factors that can affect the desirability of a specific town or city are:

Amenities and transport

While it’s true that some people prefer to live in the middle of nowhere, some of the most popular areas with homebuyers are those that are in close proximity to amenities and that have good transport links.

Modern life is now all about convenience, which means many people both want and need to be near shops, supermarkets, post offices, investment banks and pharmacies.

An area with a range of entertainment options, such as warm and cozy restaurants, cocktail bars, nightclubs and cinemas, will also be a desirable place to live for most people.

Additionally, a home that’s located in a place with good transport links — for example, a bus stop on the doorstep or a train station nearby — will also be more popular than one that isn’t.

Green space

Green space

As highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic, having regular access to a park or garden is vital for both mental and physical well-being. As mentioned above, remote working is fast becoming the norm, which means it’s even more important that people have access to green areas to give them the opportunity to take a break from their computer screens and get out of the house and into the fresh air.

It seems housebuilders recognise the demand for this by incorporating green spaces within property developments and giving residents access to their own private gardens or balconies.

And where it’s not possible to have your own private outside area, a city with lots of best parks and trees is more likely to attract homebuyers than one that doesn’t have as many.

According to a study conducted by the University of Southampton, the greenest city in the UK is Sheffield, with Cardiff, Brighton and Hove, Glasgow and London all making it into the top 20. When assessing the cities, a variety of factors were taken into account, including how much green space each city has.

Property prices

When searching for a new build, one of the most important considerations is the price. In the vast majority of cases, homebuyers will have a budget they need to stick to and will focus on the areas that are the most affordable to them.

Because there are so many costs associated with buying a house (stamp duty, council tax and legal fees, for example) the most frugal homebuyers will even go under their budget in order to account for these — and other unexpected — costs.

Property types

The preferred property type will differ according to the buyer’s individual requirements. Take first-time buyers, for example.

A first-time buyer may be more drawn to a town or city where there’s more choice of new-build flats in the city centre, whereas those with families are more likely to want to live in an area with housing estates that can accommodate larger, new-build houses.



The quality of the schools in the area will also have a huge impact on whether or not someone will buy a house. And that doesn’t just apply to those with children.

A property in a district with good schools may not be immediately important, but it’s likely it will be more valuable than one that isn’t and will be a huge selling point when it’s put back on the market.

For parents, their children’s education is of paramount importance and being close to a good school with a high Ofsted rating can be the make-or-break decision as to whether or not a house sale will go through.

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