Trade Shows Are Back – Here’s What You Can Expect

Trade Shows Are Back - Here’s What You Can Expect


For the past two years, Covid19 essentially wiped out the possibility of holding any trade shows or conventions in person. The last place people wanted to be was indoors amongst a crowd of people. But as we navigate a post-pandemic world, we are starting to see trade shows emerging, but not quite in the same way we once knew them to be.

Gareth Parkin, CEO of GoPromotional, has seen promotional product orders on the rise again. He shares with us insights on what he expects in the trade show world in 2023.

Some Trade Shows May Stay Virtual

Some Trade Shows May Stay Virtual

Just as many of us found ourselves shifting from working in an office to working from home, trade shows took the same route and began to be held virtually. There were many pros that came with this change, one of the biggest being that they were less expensive to hold and more feasible to attend.

All of the travel, labor, food, hotel, venue, and parking fees associated with an in-person show disappeared making it much more accessible. Many more people were able to afford the event while still having the ability to network and discover new products and businesses.

These pros may outweigh the option to meet in person leaving many conventions and trade shows online.

More Incentives to Bring People Out In Person

COVID is still in the minds of many, and it is certainly in no way behind us yet. Many people may still be hesitant to attend these in-person events, so it is important to incentivize those considering so that they feel comfortable.

Attendees want to feel safe while also feeling that the show is worth their time, energy, and the expenses that come with it. Some trade shows may be held outdoors in the fresh air making it a more comfortable experience for those who may still be concerned about indoor crowds.

Smaller and More Tailored Experiences

Smaller and More Tailored Experiences

It is possible that trade shows will return smaller and more personalized to a specific field or area of small business. Holding an event with a smaller group of people will feel much more comfortable and intimate, allowing for more memorable interactions with like individuals.

This opens the opportunity for increasingly localized and community-driven trade shows where deeper connections can be formed. Holding a small and industry-specific trade show offers the opportunity for specialized swag as well.

Rather than handing out generic pens or tee shirts, you might see grab bags or promotional items specifically curated for the people within that field like cycling gear or fitness trackers.

Emphasis on Sustainability and Environmental Impact

Many people and businesses have increased their focus on sustainability and environmental impacts. An attractive quality of companies is their commitment to decreasing their carbon footprint and giving back to their community, so we can expect to see an emphasis on this aspect when attending trade shows.

More Covid Precautions

More Covid Precautions

We are learning to live with Covid and take the necessary precautions to keep safe and remain healthy. In addition to smaller-scale trade shows, it is possible that same may require proof of vaccination or encourage masks and social distancing in order to attend and participate.

Many businesses, limited companies and trade show organizers understand the importance of adhering to the CDC guidelines and will be placing an emphasis on the health safety of their attendees.

Trade shows are integral in the exploration of new products and trends in your industry and open up new networking opportunities. These gatherings can also be crucial for many small businesses to attract new business and recruit employees, so the need is still very much there.

While we may see a rise in digital trade shows, it can’t replace the experience and connections that are formed in person.

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