How much is Child Benefit in the UK?


Having children is a costly affair; let’s face it. Especially for those already struggling to stay above poverty, raising a child can be a huge burden whilst handling themselves.

For various situations like how much is Child Benefit in UK considering a single parent, low-wage earning parents, or so many more situations, having a bit of outside help – especially in terms of monetary bits of help – is always allowed.

UK council allows child benefits to parents after considering the eligibility and specific conditions attached to the child benefit to claim in the UK. That is where child benefit comes into play.

Child or minimum wage benefit was introduced in Great Britain back in 1909 for low-wage industries. It slowly expanded to other industries like farm labor by 1920. The main child benefit that we know of now was first implemented in August 1946 as ‘family allowance,’ which had 0.25 pounds per week for every child except the eldest.

It slowly raised to 0.40 pounds per week by 1952 and slowly and slowly came to the 21.15 pounds that we know now. Child benefit is a monthly payment that the government pays the parents of children aged 16 and under. Various technicalities go on around this entire topic which we will cover in this article.

How do Child Benefit Work?

You can get child benefit if and when you are responsible for raising a child who is either under 16 or if the child is under 20 and is under approved education or training. Only one person can get the child benefit for a child.

It is paid for every 4 weeks, and though the amount changes, there is no actual limit to how many children you can claim the benefit for. Child benefit is quite popular in the UK as people follow the rules and regulations in order to claim child benefit.

Whether you have one child or more than one child, if you are taking care of them, including their daily maintenance and expense, then you should consider this.

How do Child Benefit Work

If your partner or even you earn over 50,000 pounds, you have to pay back some of the Child Benefit as a personal tax. Of course, you can always choose not to avail of the child benefit payments. In this way, the tax credit will not apply to you.

But it is still advisable to do so since it will protect your State Pension. You get National insurance credits that will count towards the State pension by claiming this benefit. And your child will automatically obtain a National Insurance number as soon as they turn 16 years of age.



If you have a child under 16 years of age or 20 but still obtaining education from approved systems, you are eligible to obtain this benefit.

You are usually considered responsible if you live with the child and regularly pay the costs needed to take care; if by any chance you are not the biological parent of the child, or are foster parents, or are looking after someone else’s child, then you can still claim the benefit.

Which education marks training?

Which Education marks training

If your child is over 16 but under 20 and is studying for more than 12 hours on average a week and has started the course or enrolled in it before turning 19, this counts as education or training. Education is needed for a child to attain growth and development for the future. As a parent, it is their responsibility to take care of their quality education and further growth.

Do keep in mind that if a course is paid for by an employer or is ‘advanced,’ such as a university degree, it is not approved. The authorized training should be unpaid.

It might include foundation apprentices or internships in Wales, an employability pool in Scotland, or even Accomplishment or Skill sets for Life and Work training programs in Northern Ireland. Courses that are part of a job contract are likewise not acceptable.

If the child is in training, under 20, and not getting paid, you are also entitled to receive child benefits until the child turns 20. The Child benefit rewards stop on 31st August or after the child’s 16th Birthday if they leave education or training.

If they stay and continue in approved training, the benefits continue, but the parent responsible has to tell the Child Benefit Office. The parent will be sent a letter in the concerned child’s last year at school for the parent to confirm their plans.

How much is child benefit?

If you are eligible and deemed responsible for the child, you get about 21.15 pounds a week for the first child and 14 pounds a week for all the children after that. It doesn’t matter if the parent is working, has savings or investments. They are all entitled to the benefit if found eligible.

How to obtain the child benefit?

Suppose you live in the United Kingdom and have already claimed the benefit once. In that case, you can phone on the number 0300 200 3100 and inform the officials of the new child and other various details like if the child’s age is under 6 months old, whether they were born in the United Kingdom and whether the birth was registered in England, Scotland or Wales.

So, all in all, we can say that claiming your child’s benefit in time is the right way to go. Whether you have a high income or low, it helps later on in life when you require your state pension, as well as helping your child by providing them with the National Insurance number as soon as they hit 16.

Some extra help – no matter how much or how less – is always appreciated because raising a child to be healthy and strong isn’t an easy task, especially in the fast-paced world that we live in.


Child benefit is a key factor for various parents to ensure they provide a good living without compromising their future.

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