Top 7 Tricks to Get the Best Out of Your Peacock TV


Peacock is one of the most recent competitors in the ongoing streaming competition. NBC has funded the service over a period of more than 70 years, and as a result, its coffers include such all-time bingeing Hall of Famers as The Office and 30 Rock.

Also, old-school favorites like Family Ties and Cheers. Peacock is far more adventurous with its deployment. It offers a free version and a TV-channel imitation that contrasts with the Netflix-standard episode dump we’ve grown accustomed to over the past ten years.

Unfortunately, Peacock is only accessible in the US, despite its claims of offering a vast collection of instantly recognizable TV episodes and films.

If you currently live in the United Kingdom and want to Stream Peacock TV in UK, this will not really be difficult to turn into reality in just a matter of a few minutes by using a VPN Service. It will change your IP address and mask your location from being tracked and let you access all your favorite movies and TV Shows on Peacock TV.

However, the practice of region-locking is typically brought on by worldwide licensing agreements, which also explains why services like Netflix frequently have different materials in different regions.

Top 7 Tips for Getting the Most from Your Peacock TV

Below, we have the top 7 tricks through which we can acquire the most from Peacock TV.

1. Explore the channels

Explore the channels

If you are acquainted with Pluto or other online TV networks, you are aware that there is a large variety of specialized, highly niche forever-streams intended to seize control of your mind for extended periods of time. Hardly embracing that framework, Peacock leans in.

The typical NBC suspects, including NBC Sports and NBC News, are all available to subscribers, but there is also some strange content lurking just below the surface.

2. To Become an Olympics Expert, Use the Filters

You may use filters to find the specific sport you’re interested in watching on the app’s Olympics page. (Check the Olympics section’s main highlights section.)

According to Jelley, hockey has its own small mini hub. All the live games, replays, and snippets are available in one location there.

There, you may access all the live online games, replays, and snippets in one location. Finally, a way for you to watch curling for two straight weeks before understanding how the scoring works. That is precious, my friends.

3. Select Your Preferred Subtitles

Select Your Preferred Subtitles

Like most streaming services, Peacock lets you customize how your subtitles are displayed. You can change the text size, shadow depth, color, and even the typeface by swiping down to the settings menu’s bottom.

You now have the authority only to watch Parks & Recreation with cursive captions if that’s your preference.

4. Let the Live Algorithm Take the Wheel

We are contemplating issues we never thought we would in the wake of the Winter Olympics. What else should I watch just after women’s snowboarding half-pipe, for example? The streaming service will whisk you away into another event as soon as the ice-dancing finals are over since precisely 1 billion events are going on at once in Beijing right now.

It’s referred to as a live bingeing feature. We’ll let you choose from a variety of other things to watch after a live event, like the Super Bowl, and we’ll count you down to another live event or show, adds Jelley.

5. Search Using Clips

If you are on the service and type in, say, “parkour,” you can quickly conjure up the all-time great Office cold open when Dwight and Michael poorly cartwheel across the cubicles since Peacock has done the labor-intensive task of chopping up a number of its iconic episodes into snippets.

It’s almost as if UK YouTubers with their own channels were integrated into the system, so make use of it as such.

6. There is All the Wrestling

There is All the Wrestling

Hardcore wrestling fans are aware that early this year, the WWE Networks moved to Peacock. However, if you’re a disgruntled fan who gave up during the last few Steve Austin runs, you might be tempted to click over to the far right of the screen and select “WWE,” and find a startlingly sizable collection of wrestling-related material.

Rewatch WrestleMania X-Seven if you like. That’s where it is! Want to see how Edge is doing these days? The globe is open to you.

Even if you spend your whole visit catatonically watching previous Total Divas seasons, the sheer volume of content now stored on Peacock is still impressive despite all of the WWE’s current troubles.

7. Keep an Eye on the Tomatometer

Peacock displays the Rotten Tomatoes’ Tomatometer % of its movie indexes straight onscreen, in contrast to the majority of other streaming services that rely on separate independent rating systems. Before anyone starts watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, they may notice that it received an 81% favorable rating from reviewers back in 2001 because it is shown above the “Watch Now” option.

I believe Peacock doesn’t show the Tomatometer for particularly subpar movies on the site. The absence of one for The Matrix Revolutions is a warning, in my opinion.


In this post, we’ve covered the many Peacock TV channels as well as the current selection of movies and TV shows.

The Top 7 Tips are provided to help you get the most out of Peacock TV and enjoy its streaming service to the fullest.

A VPN service is always the best and first choice for unlocking access to the streaming platform and the media content contained in its libraries in areas where Peacock TV is geo-restricted.

I hope this post was helpful to you and that you were able to understand how to utilize Peacock TV at its optimal settings.

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