Caravan with Hot Tub – Top 10 in UK

Caravan with Hot Tub

Hot tubs were formerly uncommon in family-friendly holiday parks. Still, they may now find at resorts owned by Away Resorts, John Fowler, Shorefield, and other well-known holiday park operators. We’ve chosen a variety from around the nation, so you don’t have to suffer a lengthy vehicle ride with antsy kids (and spouses).

As is customary, we’ve given a peak season pricing comparison. We calculated the cost of a four-person family vacation in August 2022, including the lowest available lodging Caravan with Hot Tub in UK.

Caravan with Hot Tub – Top 10 in UK

1. Parkdean Resorts Southview Holiday Park

Parkdean Resorts Southview Holiday Park

This luxurious trailer home from home setting, located just 10 minutes from the beach, is the ideal vacation hub for the whole family to enjoy some summer leisure. There’s always something new to discover and experience, and relax in the hot tubs.

Relax in the family-friendly ambience of Southview, a lovely outdoor base overlooking the gorgeous Isle of Wight countryside. Take a peaceful minute to yourself in the hot tub while the kids enjoy the indoor swimming pool and slides before switching to the sauna to steam away those pre-holiday stress.

2. Whitecliff Bay Holiday Park

Whitecliff Bay Holiday Park

It’s a great location, with easy access to a gorgeous sandy beach (although one that requires a long and challenging hike) (although it does have a ridiculously steep hill to get to the beach). Families on the Isle of Wight should investigate this option.

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The Whitecliff Bay Caravan Holiday Park is between the tranquil (but pricey) village of Bembridge and the popular coastal towns of Shanklin and Sandown.

3. Parkdean Resorts Nodes Point

Parkdean Resorts Nodes Point

This campground is hard to top for breathtaking views from your static caravan. Use the beautiful fields and parks near Nodes Point to host your own outdoor drinking experience, complete with a bonfire and a few toasted marshmallows.

A hot tub getaway on the Isle of Wight allows experience something new without breaking the bank, with caravans positioned close to the town centre. Views of Bembridge Bay may enjoy the luxury of your fleet, or you can spend evenings in the hot tub to thoroughly recharge and rest.

4. Barmouth Bay Holiday Park

Barmouth Bay Holiday Park

The Barmouth Bay Holiday Park in Wales offers a fantastic setting with above-average accommodations. Hot tubs may add to their better caravans, including two or three bedrooms. There are also several hot tub lodges.

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A long length of the sandy beach may find in one direction. In the other way lies Snowdonia, which is great for exploring (or simply gazing at if you don’t want to trek with kids).

5. Parkdean Resorts Cayton Bay

Parkdean Resorts Cayton Bay

Sandy beaches are just outside your door, and the luxury begins with accommodations adjacent to a broad selection of fantastic entertainment – let alone the hot tubs! The indoor Waterworld fun pool is only one of the park’s attractions.

There are several water-based activities to try your hand at. Have some fun as a family on the multi-sports court before retiring to the Boathouse Bar and romantic restaurant for a delicious lunch.

Cayton Bay Caravans with hot tubs are in for a treat when they visit Yorkshire’s Cayton Bay, with its gorgeous beaches and traditional seaside vacation activities. Break parks like these are one of the Great British summer holiday’s mainstays, drawing visitors back and again (or 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).

6. Whitecliff Holiday Park

Whitecliff Holiday Park

Whitecliff Bay Vacation Park is one of the more extensive and most impressive holiday parks on the Isle of Wight. They’ve invested heavily in luxurious holiday cottages with hot tubs rather than merely supplying basic trailers in recent years.

They’ve realized that many customers desire a well-equipped vacation resort and are ready to pay more. If you want to save money, choose a camper with a hot tub or a chalet with a hot tub.

You can find more upscale accommodations with hot tubs that sleep up to eight people if you can afford them. The luxury lodges with hot tubs are larger versions of caravans, but The TriBeCa and The Rockstar offer funkier decor.

7. Nodes Point Holiday Park

Nodes Point Holiday Park

It’s on the Island’s east coast, with easy access to beautiful beaches, including St Helen’s, Priory Bay at Seaview, and Appley at Ryde. It’s a lengthy trip to the more peaceful west coast (well, 45 minutes, which is an epic journey by Isle of Wight standards).

It is, however, close to major destinations such as Sandown and Shanklin.

8. Landguard Holiday Park

Landguard Holiday Park

Landguard Holiday Park is a good option if you want to be close to the bustling coastal towns of Sandown and Shanklin. Landguard is not on the beach and would take around 20 minutes to go there. An automobile would undoubtedly be beneficial.

9. Lower Hyde Holiday Park

Lower Hyde Holiday Park

Indoor and outdoor pools, a playground for kids, a bar, a laundromat, darts, and a pool are all accessible. It’s worth mentioning that the indoor pool is modest, but you may utilize the Landguard collection, which is around a 15-minute walk away.

Lower Hyde Holiday Park is close to Landguard Holiday Park (also managed by Park Resorts/ Parkdean Resorts), located near the bustling seaside towns of Sandown and Shanklin.

10. Woodside Coastal Retreat

Woodside Coastal Retreat

There aren’t many amenities, but it’s a well-designed complex in an excellent coastal location with its little shingly beach. It proudly declares that it does not have discos, a clubhouse, or a swimming pool. There is, however, a gym, forest walks, and a café.

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The backbone of the Great British tourism experience is holiday parks. A caravan vacation is an experience not to be missed, with fun and pleasure for the whole family – all from the luxury of your own home away from home.

Parkdean Resorts locations provide an excellent selection of onsite activities and neighbouring local culture and natural beauty to create incredible vacation experiences for your 2022 trip. Above is the list of top 10 Caravans with Hot Tubs in UK.


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