Top 10 Weird Laws in the UK


The Law Commission was established in the United Kingdom in 1965. This much-needed independent agency establishes to modernise the country’s legal system and fight for necessary improvements.

Over two thousand archaic laws have been abolished since its introduction, but not all! We’re guessing that some of the previous regulations were so ludicrous and out of date that they didn’t see the need to update them. The ten most weird Laws in the UK that you may not know are listed here.

Top 10 Weird Laws in the UK

1. Ding Dong Ditch

Ding Dong Ditch

You didn’t already know that Ding dong ditch is a children’s prank involving ringing someone’s doorbell and fleeing before responding. The famous childhood pastime of knocking on a stranger’s door and running away is now illegal.

If you don’t recognise the term, it’s a hotly discussed topic across the country, with some referring to it as knock-knock ginger or even Nicky Nicky nine doors.

2. Under some conditions, it is permissible to shoot a Scotsman

Shoot a Scotsman

Only in York is it lawful to shoot a Scotsman with a crossbow if you happen to spot one, except on Sundays. However, on a Sunday, any Scotsman discovered intoxicated.

Or with a weapon might be shot, save with a bow and arrow. Similarly, it is permissible in Chester to shoot a Welsh person with a crossbow as long as it is done inside the city walls and after midnight.

3. Drunk at a Pub

Drunk at a Pub

It has always been illegal to be drunk when in a licenced establishment since 1839. One in which we may all be held guilty. Section 12 of the Licensing Act of 1872 makes it illegal to be “drunk in any roadway or other public place, whether a building or not, or on any licenced premises.” If you can’t keep your drinks under control, you might face a £200 fine. It is one of the weird Laws in the UK.

4. Misplacing a postal stamp is treasonous

Misplacing a Postal Stamp is Treasonous

It is treasonous to place a postage stamp with the monarch’s head upside down on an envelope. Defacing or destroying anything bearing the monarch’s image is likewise forbidden. It implies that it is illegal to burn paper money, bend coins, or damage a postage stamp.

5. Understand how to care for your Salmon

Understand How to Care for your Salmon

Did you know that handling fish under “suspicious circumstances” is illegal? It is a provision of the Salmon Act of 1986 restricting salmon fishing. While this may seem unusual, it simply implies that you cannot touch Salmon that have been unlawfully harvested.

6. Trespassing is acceptable for specific individuals

Trespassing is Acceptable for Specific Individuals

Except for huers and baulkers, trespassing is forbidden. An Act of 1603 is based on an old tradition in Cornwall. Hunters and baulkers would stand on the cliffs and call out to fishing boats, alerting them to schools of fish. The Act grants persons on the cliffs the right to enter other people’s properties and protects against trespassing.

According to the Metropolitan Streets Act, farmers and proud pet owners are not authorised to stroll their cows through the streets between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. unless they receive a letter from the Commissioner of Police.

7. It is illegal to shake a carpet

It is Illegal to Shake a Carpet

It is prohibited to beat or shake a mat, carpet, or rug in the streets of London under the Metropolitan Police Act of 1839. You will only be able to overcome them before 8 a.m. Set your alarm clock – you’ve been warned! While intoxicated, you cannot operate a cow, horse, or steam engine.

Think you can’t get a DUI for intoxicated horseback riding? Think again. Consider it again. According to the Licensing Act of 1872, whether you are driving a cow, horse, or steam engine while intoxicated involves a jail term or a fine.

It would be best to think twice the next time you want to beat your rug, carpet, or mat. Surprisingly, it is prohibited to beat or shake these things after 8 a.m. We have no clue how this legislation came to be or why it was needed in the first place, but it is undoubtedly worth a chuckle.

8. Urinating in public

If you have an urgent need for the restroom, you may urinate in public. However, there are a handful of odd requirements. Only men are allowed to do it, and they must only urinate on the vehicle’s back wheels.

Finally, their right hand must put on their car as well. When we thought things couldn’t get any crazier, they do.

9. It is unlawful to cut the line whilst waiting at the tube’s ticket hall

According to Bye-Law 1 of the Transport for London Railway Bye-Laws, any individual told to queue by an authorised person or a sign shall join the end of the line and respect reasonable directions from any authorised person managing the queue inside the TfL Network.

10. Slide on ice

Slide on Ice

It is not permitted to slide on ice or snow. In any case, not “in any roadway or other highway, to the common peril of the passengers.” As far as we know, this applies to London, so have fun everywhere in the UK.

The prohibition was enacted as part of Section 54 of the Metropolitan Police Act of 1839, prohibiting carrying a plank (or other construction materials) along a pavement.


Every year, on average, 33 new acts are enacted, each of which might result in hundreds of new laws. And they are all working to achieve balance. ‘Justice must always challenge itself,’ stated Michel Foucault.

However, as society evolves, the rules that emerge may be dubious, to put it mildly. So please put on your wig and take up your gavel because we’ve compiled a list of highly bizarre UK laws and amusing beliefs that all aspiring attorneys should be aware of. Or maybe not. In any case, our court is presently in session. These amusing, bizarre, and downright bizarre UK laws still exist today. Find out the list of top 10 weird Laws in the UK above.

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