From Freelance SEO Consultant to Top Digital Entrepreneur: Fernando Raymond’s Blueprint to Building a Digital Business

Fernando Raymond


In the digital era, becoming an entrepreneur is no longer limited to brick-and-mortar investments or requiring vast capital.

The journey of Fernando Raymond stands as a testament to the possibilities and the power of digital transformation.

Starting as a freelance SEO consultant, Fernando climbed the digital ladder, founded ClickDo digital agency in London, and later introduced SeekaHost, an innovative web hosting platform.

His story is not just about success but is a roadmap for aspiring digital entrepreneurs.

Fernando Raymond’s Blueprint to Building a Digital Business

Fernando Raymond’s Blueprint to Building a Digital Business

Beginning the Digital Odyssey

  1. Identify Your Passion: Before diving headfirst into the digital realm, one must identify their genuine interest. For Fernando, it was SEO content writing. Explore various areas like content creation, digital marketing, web designing, or app development to find out what excites you the most.
  2. Acquire Relevant Skills: Once the domain is decided, it’s crucial to arm oneself with the necessary knowledge. Raymond’s expertise in SEO played a significant role in the evolution of ClickDo.

The Entrepreneurial Leap

  1. Solve a Problem: Like every successful entrepreneur, Fernando focused on addressing a gap in the market. While ClickDo offered businesses the SEO solutions they craved, SeekaHost stepped in to provide reliable web hosting services.
  2. Continuously Evolve: Transitioning from a freelance SEO writer to an SEO consultant and then leading one of London’s premier SEO agencies wasn’t a fluke. It demanded continuous learning, evolving, and taking calculated risks.

Digital Business Models for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Digital Business Models for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Considering the current trends, here are some promising digital business models to focus on:

  1. Affiliate Marketing: Capitalize on promoting other businesses’ products and earn a commission for every sale made through your referral link.
  2. Digital Courses and Consulting: With expertise in a particular area, one can offer courses or consultancy services online.
  3. eCommerce: Be it dropshipping or creating a brand, selling products online has enormous potential.
  4. Content Creation and Blogging: Quality content is always in demand. If writing or video creation is your passion, platforms like YouTube or personal blogs can be highly lucrative.
  5. App Development: With the surge in smartphone users, developing a unique and useful app can be a goldmine.

The 3 to 5-Year Strategy

  1. Year 1-2: Focus on learning, understanding market dynamics, and identifying gaps. Start by freelancing or offering services to gain practical knowledge.
  2. Year 2-3: With acquired skills and market understanding, launch a startup or a small digital business. Expect mistakes, learn from them.
  3. Year 3-4: Focus on scaling and branding. Like how Raymond worked on branding for SeekaHost, ensure your business stands out.
  4. Year 4-5: Diversification. Once the initial business is stable, explore opportunities in adjacent sectors. For Fernando, it was venturing into media and digital publishing under ClickDo.


Fernando Raymond’s story illuminates the path for budding entrepreneurs in the digital domain.

Embracing change, continuous learning, and perseverance seem to be the triad that powered his journey.

With the right mindset and strategy, anyone can transform their digital dreams into reality.

Remember, in the digital world, it’s not about the resources but resourcefulness. Emulate the journey, embrace the grind, and embark on your digital entrepreneurship odyssey.

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