Leasing A Van – Everything you Need to Know


There are multiple reasons why you would need to lease a van. Perhaps you are going on a road trip with your friends or family, you need to transport items during a move or may you need to lease a delivery van for your business.

Leasing a van is always a good idea as most of the time you would only need it for a short period of time. Van leasing can be a simple process at Lease Loco which has some of the best van lease deals right now.

What is leasing a van?

What is Leasing a Van

Leasing a van can is when you enter into a contractual agreement with a vehicle provider. This contractual agreement states that you will be driving the specific vehicle for a certain period of time.

This time period is completely up to you, which is the main basis of a lease agreement. If you need the van for 3 months to take a long road trip around the UK you may do so. Or perhaps you need for a longer time, like 4 years as a delivery van for your business.

Leasing a van is completely on your time. The lease agreement covers you with a road tax, a manufacturer’s warranty and repairs if you break during the time of the lease.

It is not a strict commitment like buying a car and you will not be made to pay a large sum of money every month to pay for it. At the end of leasing the van, you can simply return it or renew the lease for another vehicle.

What do you need to lease a van in the UK?

All you need is a valid driver’s license, be older than 18 years old and pass the necessary credit checks. You would also need to pay an initial leasing fee for the van so that you can secure the contractual vehicle with your provider.

Have a clear reason why you need to lease the van, this will help you to decide how long you need it for and what you are willing to pay.

Going into a leasing agreement without having thought about it would not be a very good decision. As it is still a financial responsibility that you are going to have to take care of.

Types of leasing options

Types of Leasing Options

There are three types of leasing options specifically for leasing a van. They are:

  • Van Business Contract Hire

This is the common type of leasing and is very straightforward. You choose your van, pay a monthly fee and return the van once your leasing period has ended. This is the most affordable and less risk management option.

  • Van Business Finance Lease

This is when you are responsible for the van after the leasing period. This means you own the van after the leasing period.

Although you are the new owner of the vehicle you must sell the car after the leasing period. This is where you need to be very sure of what the costs are for the final payout as you may not make a profit if it is expensive.

  • Van Contract Purchase

This type of leasing option is for those who want to own their van at the end of the leasing period and keep the vehicle.

Choose your van and leasing package

Choose your van and leasing option

Choosing a van may be the exciting part but it should take some serious thought. Again, you want to be sure of the reasons you are leasing a van as this will inform which van you are going to choose.

Be practical as it will be a vehicle you are going to be using regularly so you are going to want to make sure that it is well equipped.

Lease Loco is a comparison site, which means it shows you all of the best deals from multiple brands, models and makes. You simply need to visit the website, fill in your search filters and choose the best package deal for you.

When filtering your search on websites like lease loco you can be specific about your price range, how many seats you need, the mileage you prefer, how long you will be needing the vehicle for, the make and model you prefer, van insurance scheme and so much more.

Choosing the best deals on a comparison site like lease loco is very simple and can be done from any device.


Leasing a van is a good idea provided you know exactly what you are getting yourself into. Visit the Lease Loco site for some of the best van lease deals right now.

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