How do Identify Rodent Infestation and get rid of them?

How do Identify Rodent Infestation and Get rid of Them


If you’re troubled with mice and rats in your house, you must understand various necessary measures while considering rodent infestation. It is not necessarily common in houses or places if proper care is being made.

Most people are not aware of several infections, diseases, and harmful effects if they cannot get rid of them. Hence, you should look for various processes and fundamentals to identify the rodent infestation and get rid of it.

Look for signs of Rodent Infestation

Look for the Signs of Rodents

Rodent Infestation is the process of identifying the presence of rats and mice where it is present in large numbers. Firstly, we must check for the infestation of rodents, whether they are present in large or small amounts.

It is very difficult to identify where the infestation is and the type of rodent you are dealing with. The complete examination of your house is very important while dealing with rodents to get a complete idea of where you need to work to get rid of these small creatures.

Though they are very small, they still leave some signs behind, which helps identify them. They are several signs that they leave, which are as follows:

  1. The basic and foremost important sign we get to see is the shredded papers and fabrics in places where books and clothes were present.
  2. The very common sound that rodents make is gnawing, and if you hear this sound near you, then it must be the sign of the presence of a rodent.
  3. The greasy black or grey fur marks can be seen on walls or places where they have travelled. Rats or mice are present as they only make these marks while going from one place to another.
  4. The urine odours and droppings make us identify a rodent infestation in the house. They sometimes leave a vinegar or ammonia-like smell, and the size of droppings helps us identify whether it is a mouse or rat infestation.

Sometimes you get to see the rats and mice roaming around in the house, which happens when they are in more numbers; since they can give birth to small rats after creating a small place for the safety, you will not be able to prevent yourself from having numerous rats in your house.

They are much smaller, so it is not easy for people to take them for granted. Hence you should be aware of the consequences and results that it can create, not only for the interest of your family but also for hygiene and maintaining your house as a better place for living.

Access Points for rodents to enter your house

Access Point for rodents to enter your house

The rats and mice are the creatures that can easily get access inside your house because of their size. There can be anyplace from which they can enter the house easily. The following sources are the evitable entrance for them:

  • The easy way for them is to open doors and windows, even though you open them for a short period until they can enter the house.
  • They can easily get access through holes in sink pipes and drains.
  • They are good at hiding themselves in dark places, and they can often be found in pipes, air conditioner vents, etc.

How to prevent rodent infestation?

How to Prevent Rodent Infestation

Rats and mice are the creatures that create annoyance in the house and do a lot of damage. The rodents cannot only be prevented by doing pest control, and we must get rid of them permanently, not temporarily.

There are many reasons which may again attract the rodent infestation, so to get rid of them permanently, we must seal all the access points from where there is a chance of them getting entry inside the house.

These access points may include holes in the drainage or sink pipes, holes in the broken windows or doors, holes in the ventilation, etc. So, firstly we must repair all these access points to stop them from entering the house.

These are the precautions that you must take to avoid permanent rodent infestation. We must completely block their entry points and should avoid the common food sources to prevent them from coming inside.

But we also must get rid of the already present inside the house. Identifying the correct rodent is very helpful in finding the correct measure to deal with them. There are multiple ways from which we can get rid of them:

  • Using traps: There are many types of traps available nowadays, but glue traps and snap or electronic traps are the most effective ones. The glue traps are mainly used to control rodents from biting or scratching as they can be harmful to us. On the other hand, the snap traps are used to quickly kill the rodents, using a spring-loaded bar that kills rodents when coming in contact.
  • Using baits: Many types of baits are provided as per the rodent infestation. It is the simplest way to eliminate rats and mice from your house. However, when the rodents nibble the bait you have set, it takes some time to be effective, ultimately dying.
  • Calling for pest control: Even though you have tried all the traps and baits techniques to get rid of the rodents, sometimes it gets difficult to get rid of them completely. In that case, you must call the pest control people, and they will use rodenticides to remove this problem permanently. Rodenticides comprise different types of poisons used to kill rats and mice.


Rodents are very troublesome animals in every home. In every one or another, there is some problem related to rodents. To get rid of these small creatures, rodent infestation is used to identify the presence of rodents.

The other things that attract the rodents are open food and water, i.e., uncovered leftover rice, cereal, chips, etc. It can also be fruits and vegetables left outside of the refrigerator. The leaky pipes or the uncovered trash also attracts them.

So, we must cover all the food and keep it in sealed containers to avoid encountering it. The best plan would be is to hire a professional team like to get rid of rodents.

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