The Best Uses for Mezzanine Floors

Best Uses for Mezzanine Floors


Mezzanine floors are the most popular method of expanding space in almost every industry. They’re versatile, quick to install and much more affordable than other ways of increasing space such as extensions or relocation. UK-based mezzanine experts Doity have created a list of the best ways to make use of a mezzanine and shared their expert advice on what you should think about before you give the green light to a mezzanine installation.

The Best Uses for Mezzanine Floors

Increased Storage Space

Mezzanine floors are a very common feature in industrial settings like warehouses and distribution centres. That’s because the price of industrial units is determined by the square footage of the building.  By expanding upwards into existing empty space, businesses can optimize their storage capabilities without expanding the building’s footprint.

Office Expansion

Office Expansion

An office relocation can be a major disruption for a business and its employees. But growing companies need somewhere to put new desks or meeting rooms! Mezzanine floors are a great solution and can be installed within existing office spaces to create additional work areas. This is a proven way to optimise an office layout.

Retail Displays

Mezzanine floors are often employed in retail environments to showcase products and create eye-catching displays. They can be used to elevate merchandise, create separate sections for different product categories or provide a platform for promotional activities.



Mezzanine floors are an excellent solution for companies that have customer showrooms, such as car garages or kitchen and bathroom designers. They provide a way to divide the space into multiple levels, allowing for the display of a larger number of products and creating a better atmosphere in the space.

Fitness Centers and Gyms

Mezzanine floors are often used to create workout areas or fitness studios within larger gymnasiums. They allow fitness businesses to offer a larger number of exercise programs, classes, or personal training sessions without disrupting the regular flow of members in the main gym area. They can also be used to accommodate changing rooms or extra gym equipment.

Manufacturing Facilities

Mezzanine floors can be integrated into manufacturing plants or industrial facilities to accommodate offices, control rooms, or observation decks. Their raised height makes them the perfect location to oversee operations. They can also be used to house extra machinery, helping businesses increase production capacity or offer new services.

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants and Bars

Another common mezzanine installation is within a restaurant or bar. This helps to increase seating capacity for busy spaces or create a separate, private area for parties and functions. Having two levels within a bar or restaurant helps improve the ambiance and control sound levels within the building, leading to a more enjoyable experience for diners and guests.

Factors to consider when installing a mezzanine

The Design

Like any building, the design and layout are absolutely crucial to a successful mezzanine installation. This involves choosing the right size, location and access for your mezzanine that will benefit your business the most. The next step is then to choose the correct materials that will ensure your mezzanine is safe and built to last. Once the planning has been completed, the final step in the design is to ensure you have the right permits to build a mezzanine.

All of the above and more are covered in a site survey, where a specialist will come and assess your needs so they can create a bespoke mezzanine design. Doity offers this service free of charge with no obligation to any business in the UK.

Cost and Disruption

Cost and Disruption

How much is it going to cost and how long will it take? These are usually the two biggest priorities for business owners looking to install a mezzanine floor. Doity’s unique Revlok mezzanine design minimises both by reducing installation time by up to 50%. Revlok mezzanine floors are manufactured from cold-rolled steel beams and are a modular structure, making them much easier to install while still being just as secure as traditional mezzanine floors. Quicker installation times help you save money and prevent long periods of disruption to your business.

Doity is one of the UK’s leading mezzanine providers. Based in the North West of England, they operate nationwide and have installed mezzanines in many different environments, from school classrooms and high street shops to warehouses and production facilities.

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