Best Bars in Edinburgh – Top 20 Bars

Best Bars in Edinburgh Top 20 Bars

Are you tired of working on the weekdays? Chill out yourself by spending time in entertainment. Many people and businessmen will be relaxed with the parties and pubs. In this article, we will discuss the Top 20 Best Bars in Edinburgh.

Best Bars in Edinburgh – Top 20 Bars

1. The Hanging Bat

The Hanging Bat

This bar is famously known for its comprehensive collection of local and international beers and ales and their mind-numbingly fantastic food. They also have other choices like gins, whiskey, bourbon and liqueurs and staff is very polite and knowledgeable. 

2. The Devil’s Advocate

The Devil's Advocate

This place makes a perfect argument for some heavenly drinks and food, unlike the name. The bar has an old-school feel. This one’s famous for its whiskey and whiskey cocktails.  The Devil’s Advocate is one of the most excellent bars in Edinburgh.

3. Panda & Sons

Panda and Sons

The panda and sons bar claims to be a hidden bar with a false exterior of a local street-level barbershop, but the view behind the door will be pleasantly surprised. It is a family-run prohibition style bar with a lot of variety in cocktails and food.

So do not judge this book by its cover, and you will indeed have the time of your life. 

4. Hoot the Redeemer

Hoot the Redeemer

This bar is quite different from your regular traditionally themed bars with more of a fun-fair festive spirit. One of the exciting features is a game that creates a drink for you wherein you choose the flavours through a claw machine

If you wish to be intoxicated and, at the same time, be in touch with your inner child, you will love it here. 

5. The Royal Dick

The Royal Dick

This bar is located at the summer hall where the University of Edinburgh’s Veterinarian school was. The ambience of this place has a hint of its veterinary past since it is established in the city’s crucial creative hub, accompanied by other cafes, breweries and a gin micro-distillery. 

6. Bennet’s Bar

Bennet's Bar

This bar is almost 200 years old. Its speciality drink is its whiskey and cask ale pint, the bar has a historic feel to it. After all, it is pretty historic. This bar is a haven for whiskey lovers, but even if you don’t fancy whiskey too much, it is still worth trying a place like this out. 

7. Canny Man’s

Canny Man's

It is an old-fashioned bar with old curiosities over the ceilings and walls. It specialises in whiskey. The bar boasts of having the perfect Scotland’s famous water of life. It also serves some fantastic food alongside, and the staff is very professional. They know their stuff!

8. The Bow Bar

The Bow Bar

This bar works toward preserving the culture of a bar just like it used to be back in the day. The pub is famous for its beer and single malt whiskeys. It even has delicious traditional pub dishes, including snack options. 

So if you want to experience a traditional pub, this might be the place.

9. Sandy Bell’s

Sandy Bell's

Another traditional bar with a carved wooden bar, panelled walls and even live singing at specific times. It has some great cocktail choices, with its speciality being a good beer. No trip to Edinburgh is complete without coming to this bar. 

 The bar has worked towards the revival of Scottish folk music and does it well.

10. The Sheep Heid Inn

The Sheep Heid Inn

This bar is one of the oldest pubs in Scotland that are still in business. The pub has made revisions to its drinks, unlike its ambience, which is pretty old-fashioned, making your visit have a heritage vibe. The bar is known for its class beer and scotch whiskey with many gins.



The Tonic bar is a very fun little cocktail bar. They serve some of the best cocktails in the whole city. The bar is a great spot for dancing with some of the most trendy artists. If you want to go out and have an adventurous time, The Tonic bar is the best place to start your night. 

12. The Abbotsford Bar & Restaurant

The Abbotsford Bar & Restaurant

This bar is one of the best Edwardian pubs in Edinburgh and was re-designed to preserve its ‘golden age.’ 

13. Whiski Rooms

Whiski Rooms

The bar serves over 300 different malts and blended whiskies. Even if you are new to drinking and don’t know about your preferences, this bar has a whiskey tasting evening that you can sign up for. It even has a fantastic view of the city.

The place is an authentic depiction of Scottish culture and traditions.

14. The Bon Vivant

The Bon Vivant

It has a massive collection of whiskey and spirits and a great wine collection. The bar also offers some good sides with cocktails with impeccable taste. The bar has a similar feel to that of the Devil’s Advocate.

15. The Blackbird

The Blackbird

A busy bar with loyal local customers and cask ale enthusiasts. It serves one of the best tasting ales and cider. And they have also got a pretty good collection of other cocktails. 

16. The VooDoo Rooms

The VooDoo Rooms

Besides having a bar, restaurant, and live music, the Voodoo Rooms also boast some gorgeous looking interiors. One of the best-served drinks is ‘curious cucumber party’. I bet you’ll not find another drink and another bar like this.

17. The Raging Bull

The Raging Bull

The place has a rustic feel to it. The bar is specifically famous for its espresso martini, so if you are a fan of coffee and alcohol, this drink would taste like heaven to you. The bar boasts of having the best service in town and providing a comfortable and fun time to all the customers. 

18. The Bailie

The Bailie Bar

It is a very upscale and cosy basement bar and hosts events of all kinds ranging from weekly quiz nights to the famous duck race. The bar has exquisite collections of cask ales and wines. This bar is a must-visit if you are ever in Edinburgh’s old town.

19. The Permit Room

The Permit Room

This bar will remind you of a particular act of world history. It was themed on the Bombay Prohibition Act, 1949. It is a place with good food, good drinks, great music, and a great venue to relax. 



If we had to describe the bar with three words, they would be ‘elegant’, ‘stylish’, and ‘opulent’. It is Edinburgh’s one of the most famous hotel-cum-restaurant-cum-bar. The bar is usually packed with a good crowd on Saturday’s because of its good food and cocktails accompanied by its eye-catching interior.

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