Cafe in York – Top 10 Cafe

Cafe in York Top 10 Cafe

Mentioned below are some of the top picks for places to grab light bites and a quick cup of coffee in York. This list is not chronological, and all these cafes are excellent.

Cafe in York – Top 10 Cafe

1. The Vanilla

The Vanilla

It is known for its wide variety of teas. They also serve breakfast and sandwiches alongside your coffee. It is one of the closest cafes to the York Minster, giving you a gorgeous look while you sip your coffee or have a bite. 

The Vanilla Cafe is a beautifully picturesque, outdoor cafe with ample space to enjoy the sunshine with your morning cup of coffee. It is a small family run business. 

The staff is also charming and give outstanding service. The prices for coffee and other dishes are also pretty reasonable. 

2. Partisan


They have a weekly changing breakfast/lunch and a brunch menu with delicious items. The dishes on the menu are given a gourmet touch and made with top-quality ingredients. The cafe-cum-restaurant also claims to support local markets and suppliers. 

The Partisan has a very artsy vibe to it. The independent shop is very vibrant and claims to be a cafe, licensed restaurant, and art space. This place is also family-run. 

The staff is very warm and polite. The price is a bit higher, but the locals say the food is worth every penny. 

3. Bennet’s Cafe


A cafe with a stunning view and tasty food is all you need to spend the perfect morning. The place has a variety of choices, including teas, lattes, hot chocolates and more. They also serve some light bites on their menu. 

The cafe is known for quick and friendly service without compromising the taste or quality of the food. The ingredients used by them are handpicked and fresh as a day. 

With a scope of betterment in the staff and hospitality, this cafe comes among some of the top-rated cafes in York.

4. Brew & Brownie

Brew & Brownie

The brew & brownies is a household name in York. Present on two locations on the museum street, close to each other, one of the shops is a bakery while the other is a cafe. Both the cafe and the bakery is themed on the idea of seasons. 

The menu has a mix of sweet and savoury stuff with some delicious and premium coffees and teas. The menu also has vegan options in it. It is known for its superb breakfasts and cosy environment. 

The cafe is undoubtedly a very famous and exciting place to have a good breakfast. 

5. GateHouse Coffee

GateHouse Coffee

This place is very popular among tourists. It is a unique and elegant spot made within the walls of a tower. The historic feel of the cafe makes it a great place to relax. The three-story has enough space that it never feels crowded. 

This food is fantastic as expected and has excellent coffee. The cafe even has vegan-friendly options and delicious cakes with a lot of options. The cafe also has a rooftop terrace sitting arrangement, which has a whole other attraction to it. 

It is a pretty popular choice even among the locals.

6. Coffee Culture

Coffee Culture

It is a classic York style cafe with amazingly mouthwatering food and coffee. It is a very cosy place with an extensive menu. They serve good cakes and pastries, and you have to try the ones which are on the specials board especially.

The place even has great vegan options. The staff is very polite and welcoming. It is part of the reason why the place feels very comfortable and cosy.

They have reasonable pricing, and the food is always fresh. It is named among one of the famous restaurants in York.

7. forty five VINYL CAFE

forty five VINYL CAFE

The cafe is known for its great coffee and musical vibe. The place organises live music gigs on several occasions and boasts an extensive and well-selected record collection. They offer a simple breakfast menu with a lot of vegan and vegetarian options. 

The place offers a lovely environment coupled with good food. People from York enjoy coming to this cafe and has friendly and loving service and staff.

The place is even dog-friendly. This cafe is a very cosy and friendly environment and a very special place for music and vinyl record lovers. 

8. Spring Espresso

Spring Espresso

Situated very close to the main shopping streets of York is this cafe which provides a perfect checkpoint in your day-long shopping hauls. This cafe is so popular because of its highly skilled barista’s and their lovely and friendly staff.

The cafe has a great ambience and is in a very central location. The coffee this cafe serves is really good and even has non-dairy options. 

The cafe is already popular among many locals, but if you are a tourist out on a shopping day in York and are in desperate need of refreshment, then spring espresso is the way to go.

9. Mannion & Co Kitchen

Mannion & Co Kitchen

This cafe is a family-owned cafe and is centrally located in the city of York. This is a very relaxed and informal setting that serves various foods and coffees. The cafe mostly serves good French and Italian style dishes. 

It is a popular place in York, and many people come on a daily basis, but the service is pretty fast. You wouldn’t have to wait in a queue for too long. It is one of the very good places in York. 

10. Bison Coffee

Bison Coffee

The Bison cafe is a very peaceful and quiet spot and has a cosy atmosphere. The place is softly lit by beautiful vintage lamps, giving it a charming personal touch. They are known for their delicious brownies and sandwiches. The menu also includes vegan options. 

The staff and the owners of the coffee house are friendly and welcoming. The cafe is very reasonable and provides value for money. They also make use of fresh and quality ingredients only. 

The cafe is near the river, so you can even give a takeaway order and enjoy your coffee while looking at the beautiful view. 

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