What is a Detached House in the UK?

What is a Detached House in the UK


Living in the United Kingdom, you must have come across many detached houses. Although most houses are conjoined, roughly around 18% of houses in the United Kingdom are termed detached houses.

What is a detached house, though?

Detached House

Detached houses mean a house that is –as the word says – completely detached from any other property. It is not joined to any other house. Detached houses in the United Kingdom consist of single houses that are not connected to any other house or building and are therefore termed more private houses.

Typically speaking, this house has a large front and back garden. They also include a driveway since space is not an issue for this house, as space isn’t restricted like other nearby buildings. Although expensive, detached houses are the perfect homes for those with large families.

Sometimes people prefer detached houses over other houses to avoid being social with neighbours, which might not be wise. A detached house is not as stable and strong because the walls are independent and may not survive natural calamities or further harm.

Advantages and disadvantages of having a detached house

Advantages and Disadvantages of Having a Detached House


  1. It is a single-structural house and is not attached to any other residential or commercial property. We have the liberty to design it in whatever way we deem it fit. Of course, we can change its architecture, size, and layout – all within boundaries.
  2. Since we are not sharing any boundaries with other surrounding properties, detached house owners are entitled to their privacy and space and can easily have an independent life conveniently.
  3. Buying a detached house is always profitable in terms of investment since its value never decreases over time; rather, it is always increasing. So we can couple the house purchase as more of an investment for the future.
  4. Having a detached house comes with a lot of additional storage space where we can easily store our material possessions, be it hobby-based materials or children’s toys and materials and whatnot.
  5. With the said additional space, it can be renovated to become whatever is the need of the hour; it can be a storage house or even a garage, or for bachelors can be a cool bachelor pad.

Some disadvantages are

  1. Since detached houses are quite big, they will also require a hefty amount of money for maintenance. Not only that, but it will also be quite time-consuming since every nook and cranny of the house has to be maintained.
  2. Cleaning the house will be a nuisance for the cleaning people. Not only will the price of cleaning increase as compared to a normal one-story house, the time it takes and the effort it takes to clean such a huge house will take longer and will surely put a dent in your wallet if you are tight on finances.
  3. It is a pretty large house, and in legality, when one is buying a detached house, one is not just buying a house but more of a property. So consequently, the prices of the said house will also be higher than other types of homes.
  4. A major impact of a detached house is you need to maintain such house regularly with hygiene and other aspects as you are not attached with any wall, so heating and cooling will also be a considerable factor.

How much will a detached house cost you?

How much will a Detached House cost

Ever since the pandemic, business rates of every property have skyrocketed, so detached houses will not be an exception to that. Suppose you had already owned a detached house before the pandemic.

In that case, you must be incredibly happy because the prices of detached homes have increased much more quickly than the other housing arrangements like flats, terraced houses, and even semi-detached houses.

But if you are looking to own one now, fear not. Because any penny used to help your family be more comfortable and happier is never wasted. So, the average cost of a detached house in the United Kingdom has risen by about 17% since March 2020.

So that means that as a buyer, you will have to pay an average of 425,177 pounds or more for a detached house which is about 17% more since the pandemic. Prices of the detached house have increased by roughly 60,556 pounds ever since Marsh 2020.

Is having a detached house viable and justified?

It is valid and justified since, during the pandemic, everyone realized just how important privacy and comfort space is. Having a large house to comfortably house everyone in the family and still have some privacy is a win-win situation, so why wouldn’t you take the house?

Especially since you would be the property developer or owner, there will be no community association that can come to your doorstep and has a say about your renovation or how you expand your property. If you want to make one room smaller or larger, it is all up to you.

You want to increase the yard space outside and make the ground floor smaller, all up to you.

The only thing where you will have restrictions is what you can or cannot physically do and any zoning regulations you may have on the part of the local authorities. A cheaper alternative on the market that has more or fewer functions, like a detached home, is called the semi-detached house.


The only difference that semi-detached houses have over detached houses is that these houses are coupled together via a wall on one side. The advantages of this kind of house are that it is cheaper than the detached house, and it also saves more space on the road.

But the disadvantages that semi-detached houses have are that privacy is not as freely given as it is in detached houses. So if you ask us, it is worth it to buy a detached house.

You get privacy, ample space for yourself and your family, no regulations from committees or other organizations, just you and your family living peacefully in harmony. How much better can this get?

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