Can Restaurant Chains Benefit From Blockchain?

Can Restaurant Chains Benefit from Blockchain



When technology comes to mind, many people fail to imagine a restaurant. This is because restaurants and the food industry were way behind in technological purposes a few years back. But nowadays, restaurants started to adopt Blockchain technology in their various operations.

From shipping products by the supplier to ordering a meal, Blockchain has the ability to provide transparency, loyalty, and quality at the same time to restaurants. Various industries, like healthcare, banking, finance, and also the government sectors, have adopted Blockchain tech solutions depending on their needs.

Now it is time to explore the food industry and understand how Blockchain benefits restaurant chains. Thanks to Blockchain developers and delivering app developers for ensuring a reflective and suitable management for the restaurants.

What Is Blockchain?

What is Blockchain

Blockchain is a decentralised distribution process that keeps the records of transactions made in a particular network. Blockchain has several benefits to consider. For instance, being a distributed process, it has no centralised authority and thus is free of any third-party involvement.

Blockchain can be used by any person, and only the performers will know about the decentralised transaction process. The supply chain can involve anybody in the open network, and you can allow selective members to join you. If you want to experience Blockchain, you can use bitcoin code to ensure your safe transactions and incorporating Cryptocurrency.

How Is Blockchain Beneficial For Restaurant Chains?

Now it is time to explore how Blockchain is beneficial for restaurants.

Well, restaurants are already adopting Blockchain to satisfy their various purposes.

  • They are using NFTs for receipts and commemorations.
  • They are managing their wages for inventory control.
  • They are also trying to use utility tokens for their transactions and utility programs.
  • Large restaurants are using the track and trace process of Blockchain to ensure global shipments.
  • Restaurants are also providing supplier ratings which are based on multiple metrics.

1. NFTs


Non-fungible tokens work as commemorative tokens for the food lover. It was first practised in the digital art world. And now we, the food lover, are also fans of chefs, trying to get in though with them. To ensure a commemorative receipt, we can visit the restaurants and prefer it even with the expense of high stakes to the best restaurants.

2. Waste Management

Waste Management

According to The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation, almost 14% of the total food ruins before it completes the supply chain. This is a huge loss and is also a big obstacle to the bottom line of the restaurants and also to mitigating hunger.

Blockchain ensures immutable data to predict the freshness of food throughout the supply chain process.

3. Utility Tokens

Blockchain also enhances the experience of the customers by providing utility tokens. Many restaurants are using this kind of token, which follows a particular digital currency, to promote their brands.

The inclination of such loyalty programs can enhance brand loyalty by selecting particular consumers who are eligible.

4. Track And Trace

Track and Trace

For restaurants, supplier relationships are crucial, and they can develop the food servicing process. But in a long chain, it is not always possible to manage the time and track every process to keep a good relationship with the suppliers.

Here comes Blockchain! It allows suppliers and purchasers to come under the same umbrella, and that easily helps to mitigate the drops of hesitations. Data entry, automation, risk management, reviews, rating, et cetera, are secured with Blockchain processes to eliminate fraud.

5. Supplier Ratings

Various restaurants have adopted Blockchain as it has the ability to impact almost all operations related to the suppliers. As a big restaurant chain, you will have minimum chances to audit all the transactions and the quality of the supplies in a limited time period.

Blockchain eliminates the threat of prolonged processes and helps with internal rating development.

To Wrap Up

If you are a restaurant owner, would you like to see all your operation results in front of you?

Think about Blockchain and its performance with IoT and cloud analytics to enhance your restaurant performance. You can share better ideas with us if you find any latest involvement of Blockchain in restaurants. We will be more than happy to combine your ideas with us.

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