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Pinch Of Nom books

About Pinch Of Nom Books

Pinch Of Nom was started in the year 2016. This was started by the two partners Kay and Kate. Actually working on the weight loss journey, both have felt the need for slimming recipes and decided to share the content with their families and friends.

So they have created Pinch of Nom as a normal tool for posting helpful information and recipes. They have gained more than 8k followers in their Instagram profile in a very quick time and then they have decided to take it to a bigger stage by offering more productive information.

Top 10 Pinch Of Nom Books

1. Pinch Of Nom: Comfort Food

Pinch Of Nom - Comfort Food

This is one of the most recent and the latest book by the Pinch of Nom team. This book speaks about the famous savoury dishes for desserts. The main highlight of this book is that it has the recipes to make you slim without compromising the taste of the food.

This book has several kinds of recipes to cook for weekend breakfasts to the mains and most warming puddings. Also, this book has lots and lots of recipes that are easy to cook and serve. Most of the dishes mentioned in this book have alternative cooking methods like cooing in Oven, pressure cooker, slow cooker, etc.

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2. Pinch Of Nom: Quick & Easy Food planner

Pinch Of Nom - Quick & Easy Food planner

As in the previous book, this book has also lots of recipes to make you slim. As the title of the book tells, this book contains many recipes which are easy and quick to cook. This book has three-month planner options which include more than 26 exclusive recipes that you can learn in cooking and adapt easily.

The recipes in this book are very easy to cook, simple and contain many slimming friendly meals like sticky mustard chicken, banana ice cream with peanut butter, cheeseburger pasta bake and many more.

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3. Pinch Of Nom: Everyday Light Food Planner

Pinch Of Nom books - Everyday Light Food Planner

This is one of the brand new publishing by Pinch Of Nom which again contains the three-month planner which includes weekly meals the main thing to note about this book is that you can easily track your progress. This book will help you to stay on track and get perfectly slim and fit.

This book features two brand new recipes per week and the main highlight of this book is that it contains recipes that are all under 400 calories. This book also keeps track of your calorie intake and stay track of your progress.

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4. Pinch Of Nom: Cook book

Pinch Of Nom - Cook Book

This book was released back in the year 2019. The main thing to note about this book is that it contains around 100 best recipes. And also the main highlight is that around 80 of the recipes are brand new. This book is filled with full of coloured photographs, hardback.

This is one of the best and very quality content books to use in the kitchen. Also, each of the recipes mentioned in this book is tested and tested by more than twenty members in the Pinch of Nom community. This book comes after the proper research of the recipes and hence it will do the best for your taste buds.

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5. A Little Pinch Of Nom (Free Book)

A Little Pinch Of Nom (Free Book)

Pinch of Nom has got a good audience base and plenty of customers for their books on a wide range of cooking topics. Hence, they have decided to offer something free for their customers and have planned to give away a free book.

This is a free book from the Pinch of Nom team and this book has around seven new and exclusive recipes for you to give a try. This also includes the recipes from old age. This book is available in e-book format for you to download and access instantly.

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6. Pinch of Nom: Everyday Light

Pinch of Nom - Everyday Light

This is the second cookbook from the Pinch of Nom team. This book Everyday Light is available now to order and this book came out of eagerness after seeing the massive success on the first cookbook by Pinch of Nom.

This book has many recipes which entirely focuses on meals that you can make every day and the main highlight is that all the recipes mentioned in this book are 400 calories or less than that. This book contains more than 100 new and unique recipes for you to enjoy.

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7. Another Pinch of Nom

Another pinch of nom

After the massive success of the main books by the Pinch of Nom team, they have decided to offer something for free for their beloved customers and they have come up with this book “Another Pinch of Nom” with the best recipes.

The main highlight of this book is that its completely free and it has around five new unique and exclusive recipes for you to give a try in your daily day to day life. This is a mini e-book that you can download online and read from your mobile.

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Pinch Of Nom in Different Languages

Pinch of Nom is not only available in English, But also it is available in other languages and editions like Slovenian, Russian, Romanian, Portuguese, Polish, Korean, German, French, Dutch, Czech, Bulgarian and US edition. Also, the recipes will vary based on the particular genres and the taste.

If you are fond of reading books and at the same time if you are interested in cooking, Then you are in the right place. Above listed several categories of Pinch of Nom books will help you to master the cooking with different new recipes and amaze your family and friends to taste your new varieties. The main positive thing to note about the Pinch of Nom cooking books is that health is kept as first priority in all of the recipes mentioned in the book and hence you can feel free to cook any kind of dishes listed in these books as it are best for our health.

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