5 Ways to Make Your Business Space More Welcoming


Does your downtown business space feel empty and non-engaging to customers? Follow these five simple hacks to making your business more welcoming and customer friendly.

5 ways to make your business space more welcoming

1. Installing some wall art

ways to make your business space more welcoming - Installing some wall artThe last thing a customer wants is to enter a shop without personality. Online stores can easily get away with only presenting what they offer for purchase, but a physical store should create a welcoming atmosphere. A low-effort first step is by installing wall art in your business space. This is particularly useful if your business includes a waiting room, as it will give the room some type of aesthetic rather than a prison cell atmosphere. Having unique wall art will also help your business stand out among the rest, or can help intensify the message of your business.

2. Simple greetings

A very simple way to get interactive with customers is by simply greeting them in the store. Training your employees to always verbally greet customers with a smile will help give the customers a friendly first impression. In turn, customers might feel more compelled to interact or ask questions, which will make your business more memorable and increase changes of a transaction.

3. Potting some plants

Potting some plantsCustomers are likely to feel more at ease in a business space reminds them of the safe space of home. By placing some nice potted plants around the office, the room will immediately feel more homely and give off a refreshing, amongst other psychological benefits. The plants can also signify that the business has a caring message, and will tend to its customers as it tends to its plants. This works best if the plants are real and not plastic, although there are convincing alternatives out there.

4. Installing a coffee/tea machine

What says welcome more than a hot drink? A business that offers their free coffee or tea will be viewed as generous and caring, particularly if your business offers a waiting room. Add a drink invitation to the staff’s greeting practice in order for the offer to fall in naturally instead of confusingly for the customer. Though real mugs feel more homely, paper cups are easy for the customer to bring with them outside which creates a sense of generous freedom.

5. Interactive social media

In today’s world, a business’ online presence plays a larger part of its brand than it ever has before. Therefore, treat your business’ social media account as your business space as well which helps to grow your business. Be interactive with customers by replying to comments and DM (direct message) questions. Increase customer interest and engagement with an occasional give-away, or make posts about new products.

Interactive social mediaAs the internet is where most customers spend time relaxing, making your business’ online presence known will make it memorable and stand out. By providing virtual incentives to interact, customers can also forward your content to friends, creating a domino effect from very simple marketing strategies.

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