How Much is My Number Plate Worth?


Over 30 million people in the UK own a car, so chances are you’re one of them. In other words, your license plate is one of a kind. Most likely, you’ve been curious about the value of your license plate.

The value of your UK license plate mostly depends on a few main elements. To understand more about how the price and demand for number plates are established, please see the following list. Car number plates may fetch up to half of a million dollars.

What is the Value of My Car’s Number Plate?

If you are wondering, “how much is my number plate worth” look at the following factors which will guide you in evaluating the value of your number plate.



It is the most typical request for a personalized number plate to include a person or business name. It’s hardly any surprise that personalized number plates consisting of names are the most costly. You’re in luck if you have a license plate with its name.

Regardless of the length of the plate’s name, it sells well. Lots of money may be made if you can develop a lengthy, difficult-to-remember name. Plates with abbreviated names like SOS or RRI, on the other hand, may sell very well.

The number of alternatives utilized may significantly impact the amount at which a named number plate could be sold. For example, on a number plate, it’s usual practice to use 0 instead of O since it’s easy to mistake a 0 for an O.

The other replacements also don’t function nearly as well as they should. The name you intend to transmit may not be recognized by everyone who views the plate. Even if you don’t know the name of the plate, you may still receive a reasonable price for it.


Regarding the value of a number plate, a number plate that spells out a word comes second. Specific terms are in great demand, while others are comparatively less sought. Unique and powerful are in high demand, and they may fetch almost a thousand pounds on the open market.

Other terms may only be of interest to a small market segment. It’s possible to get a sale using a term that wouldn’t typically get sold.

If you want to determine the worth of a word-based number plate, check out the prices of comparable plates. In general, the fewer substitutes you utilize, the higher your price for your dish.

Car producers

As a result, vehicle-specific license plates are likewise a desired commodity. A platter like this would be picked up in a heartbeat. An uncommon registration might potentially get you hundreds of pounds for your license plate.

The Mazda brand is yet another automobile manufacturer that might appear on a license plate.



Personal licensed plates might be more subdued for certain persons. Custom plates that include a person’s name are among the most popular. If you have a license plate with initials that are often used, you may get a reasonable price for it.

There are a few initials that are more prevalent than others. JBH is more relevant and can be sold more quickly than XHB. People seeking mate plates designed with initials have a wide range of options to choose from. Plates with only a few letters are valued less than ones with a complete name design.

The Irish Plates

Generally speaking, they are less expensive than their more expensive counterparts. This is due to the greater accessibility of Irish plates. GAZ and KAZ are common abbreviated names in the Republic of Ireland because of the presence of a Z or an I in their registrations.

It’s not only Northern Ireland where you’ll find Northern Irish plates. It’s simple to get these plates if you reside in the United Kingdom. Irish plates might be considered valuable because they do not have a date written on them. Because of this, a vehicle’s age may be concealed.

Plates Without Dates

Plates without Date

In the United Kingdom, dateless license plates are among the most popular. Plates like this were only made before 1963. As a result, they are a somewhat uncommon plate. A premium is placed on them since they are thought to be more “exclusive.”

In addition to their lack of a date, they’ve been highly sought after. They may be used to hide the expiry date or the date as to how old the vehicle is.

A dateless license plate may be sold for a reasonable amount even though it does not have an initial, word, or name, as long as it is in excellent condition. You may easily make 500 pounds selling a dateless license plate.

Using the Suffix

Using the Suffix

After 1963, suffix-style plates were introduced. The authorities came up with a new method to maintain the demand-supply chain concerning number plates. The last letter in the case of suffix-style plates denotes the year the number of registrations was first issued, if applicable.

When the government’s supply of letters ran out, a new method had to be implemented. Number plates with suffix suffixes are uncommon. However, they ought to be not as scarce as dateless plates.

One cannot expect to get a reasonable deal on a suffix-styled plate like you can with the dateless plates. You should anticipate a speedy sale and a good amount for a suffix plate with familiar initials or even a three-letter name. These plates may fetch hundreds of pounds if they’re in good condition.

Stylistic prefix

When the letters for the design of suffix style went out of business in 1983, prefix style plates were created. If you have something unique to offer, these plates might be sold for a decent amount.

It is doubtful that your prefix type plate will fetch much money if it does not bear a prominent term, initial, or name. Because prefix-styled plates are more contemporary, owning one is less a status symbol.

Final Thoughts

To determine “how much is my number plate worth,” several factors must be taken into consideration. It’s also possible to solve some of them more quickly than others. Are you still trying to figure out the value of your license plate? There are several websites where you may acquire a price estimate. Look at plates that look like yours online to get a general idea of how much yours will cost.

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