Top 10 Tips to Speak English Fluently

Top 10 Tips to Speak English Fluently


English is an international language spoken all around the world. Speaking English will bring you many benefits in society. Everyone wants to speak English fluently like an American or UK native. It is hard because of the accent of our mother tongue.

The good thing is that it is not impossible. Anyone can learn to speak English fluently in a short time. But for this, you need practice and some tricks. Here we will talk about 10 tips to speak English fluently. You will absolutely need to find a conversation partner to speak English with.

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10 Tips to speak English fluently

1. Be confident, don’t be afraid

Be Confident

Just like any other task, you will need confidence in learning fluent English. You have to believe that you can do it, and you will do it at any cost. If you are afraid of what others will think, do not worry.

After a few months, they will praise you for it. So do not be afraid and start learning from today.

2. Think in English

Think in English

When we think in our heads, we use our mother tongue. From today, try to think in English. It will develop a tendency to speak English in your brain and help you speak freely without any fear.

It is a matter of practice. At first, it will be a bit hard, but it will get easier with time.

3. Practice Tongue twisters

Tongue twisters have hard pronunciation and good rhythm. It is a good idea to practice tongue twisters. There are a lot of tongue twisters you can practice. One of the famous ones is “How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?”

You have to repeat it until you can pronounce every word correctly.

4. Talk to a conversation partner

Talk to a Conversation Partner

For being fluent in English, a conversation partner is a must. It can be your friend, colleague, parents, lover, or anyone who can speak English. Talking with someone improves your vocabulary and confidence in speaking to someone.

You can learn new words, tones, and phrases by having a conversation partner or a personal trainer. It will improve your spoken English.

5. Listen to native speakers

Listening is a big part of learning a new language. especially listening to native speakers. When we listen to them, it helps us to improve our pronunciation and talking tone. Native speakers can help develop a vocabulary.

You can search online and listen to online podcasts and TV shows to learn fluent English faster.

6. Do not worry about grammar too much

Do not Worry about Grammar

Grammar is obviously important for learning English, but not that much. It is mainly used in written English rather than in spoken English. So it is not that important to speak fluently. Do not think about grammatical mistakes and just talk your heart out.

Over time, your spoken grammar will improve too, so you do not have to worry so much about that.

7. Record your own voice

You can speak English and record it on your smartphone to hear later and compare it to native speakers. It is an interesting way to learn fluent English. This way, you can point out where you are making mistakes and which ones to fix. You can also send the voice recording to your tutor or friends who can speak English fluently to help you.

8. Note down your mistakes

Note down Your Mistakes

The most important thing is to note down the mistakes you make. So you can fix them accordingly. If you do not know what your mistake is, there is no way that you can ever speak English fluently. For this, see what mistakes you make, grammatical or otherwise.

Highlight that part and learn more about it.

9. Learn Some English slang

Every language in the world has slang created by native speakers. English also has slang. You will not be able to understand the meaning without learning the words properly. So it is important to learn slang the way you learn grammar.

There are many slang words like “Lit,” which means everything is going well or amazing. It’s like the party was “lit” last night.

10. Practice, practice, and practice!

Practice makes a man perfect. Without practice, nothing can be achieved in life. Speaking English is more like a skill, so it needs practice, like playing the violin. You can practice English by talking to your friends or playing flashcard gentlemans games. You can also watch English movies to practice English in an enjoyable way.


In this era, learning English is very important. It widens the channels of communication with every other country. People who speak fluent English are more likely to get jobs than those who do not. It can be hard if you are not a native speaker, but it gets easier with the tips we shared with you.

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