Home Improvement Loans – Top 10 Loan Providers in UK

Home improvement loans.

Home upgrades may add flair to your home, provide space, and increase the value of your property. Home upgrades may be as simple as tearing down a wall or renovating a bathroom or as complex as converting the loft or basement or constructing an addition.

You may seek a loan instead of using your money. Banks and other financial organisations provide home renovation loans, which may be secured or unsecured. Fast loans are often secured against your property. It implies that if you cannot make the payments, you may be forced to sell your house or have it repossessed.

You may also refinance your house, which increases your equity by adding the loan amount. The loan amount is added to your existing mortgage loan, but you may opt to raise, reduce, or maintain the payment term.

Unsecured home renovation loans do not put your property in danger and are a wonderful method to borrow to renovate your home provided you can easily afford the monthly payments.

This post will show you the top ten home improvement lenders. We’ll inform you about each lender, their lending standards, and what services they provide apart from home renovation loans. You may see an example of a loan and receive a summary of the features and advantages of each lender.

Home Improvement Loans – Top 10 Loan Providers in UK

1. Nationwide


Nationwide presently offers a typical rate of 2.9 per cent on loans ranging from £7,500 to £15,000. In addition, they have a somewhat longer payback term of up to seven years.

2. Post Office

Post Office

According to the Post Office, repayments may also be extended out over seven years if necessary. Their typical rates range from 2.9 per cent to 13.5 per cent.



For various loan amounts, MBNA offers a sample rate of 2.8 per cent. With this lender, you may borrow up to £25,000.

4. Tesco


Tesco promotes a competitive representative rate of 2.9 per cent for loans ranging from £7,500 to £15,000, with repayment terms ranging from one to five years.

5. M&S Bank

M&S Bank

M&S Bank provides a home renovation loan ranging from £1,000 to £25,000, with typical rates ranging from 2.8 per cent to 21.8 per cent depending on loan size.

6. Virgin Money

Virgin Money

If your loan amount is between £7,500 and £15,000, Virgin offers a typical rate of 2.9 per cent. The representative rate is greater for lower or bigger quantities.

7. Sainsbury’s Bank

Sainsbury's Bank

Sainsbury Bank provides a comparable home renovation loan to Virgin, with their lowest indicative rate of 2.8 per cent reserved for people requiring between £7,500 and £15,000.

8. Hitachi Personal Finance

Hitachi Personal Finance

This online lender provides home renovation loans ranging from £1,000 to £25,000, repayable over five years. Their lowest representative rate is 3.2 per cent.

9. NatWest


Natwest promotes these loans up to £50,000, and if you take out a larger loan, you may return it over up to 10 years. A typical rate of 3.4 per cent is offered for loans ranging from £7,500 to £19,950.

10. Santander


You are eligible if you are 21 or older and continuously reside in the UK, have a regular monthly income of £7,500 or more, can make your repayments by Direct Debit, and have not been declared bankrupt, had a CCJ, or an IVA within the past 6 years.

All credit is conditional on status and credit checks. To apply for £20,000 or more loans, you must have a recurring monthly income of £20,000 or more.

Is it a smart idea to get a remodelling loan?

If you are determined to make house changes, a home improvement loan, also known as a renovation loan, may be an excellent option. If you don’t have the cash up front, these loans may give you the tax credit you need to improve your house, which will enhance your quality of life.

Furthermore, improving your house may enhance its value and equity, particularly useful if you want to sell it shortly.

There are dangers connected with utilising a home remodelling loan, just as with any loan. Failure to repay due to unexpected events might lead to a debt crisis or possibly the loss of valuable assets.

Home renovation loans with no interest

At the time of writing, there are no interest-free home renovation loans available. It makes no sense for a lender to issue a loan and take on their own risk without generating a profit. If you need credit and wish to pay no interest, you might consider getting a credit card.

Before transitioning to a fixed or variable rate, some credit cards provide a zero per cent interest term. If you can get enough credit control from one of these credit cards and repay before the first 0% offer expires, you might borrow for free or at a low cost while improving your credit score.

However, there will be restrictions, and you are unlikely to use one of these cards to finance large-scale improvements and then pay back inside the 0% term. You would still be required to make minimum monthly payments on the borrowed funds.

Other options for financing a house renovation

Home renovation loans may be an excellent method to pay for home improvements, but they are far from the only option. Don’t be swayed into thinking about these loans only because they are titled after your intended use for the funds. Other financing alternatives may enable you to complete the same work for less money. In comparison to credit cards

  • Loans for individuals (generic secured, unsecured and guarantor loans as applicable)
  • Loans for a home equity
  • Options for remortgaging

And the cheapest method to remodel a property development is to save part of your money over time and use it to pay ahead.


Have you looked for the greatest home improvement loans? You should know where to get the best home improvement loan rates before you apply for a loan to finish a home renovation or construction project.

We discussed the top ten Home Improvement Loans suppliers in the United Kingdom in the preceding article.

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