How much Money do YouTubers make in the UK?

how much do youtubers make uk


When we claim you can make a lot of money from YouTube videos, we’re not joking. And it may be the most pleasurable way to make money out there. It isn’t as simple as clicking your fingers and having money appear in your bank account as if by magic.

Making money from YouTube videos, though, remains a rather basic notion. We’ve put up this step-by-step tutorial to help you make money. You may reward us afterward by paying us a portion of your profits. Straight to the point with the big question: how much money do YouTubers make in the UK?

We don’t play games. But, to be honest, the answer is a bit of a mixed bag.

While you could get fortunate and wake up to discover that your video has gone viral, this is quite improbable. Nowadays, short amusing videos go popular on social media rather than on YouTube, so the odds of your autotuned cat video (yes, really) becoming viral overnight on YouTube are slim.

You’re far more likely to make money on YouTube if you regularly produce material – vlogs, playing a popular video game, or recording your cat (autotuned or otherwise).

What is YouTube?

what is Youtube

A free video-sharing site called YouTube lets you watch videos from other people on the Internet. It was started in 2005 and now has more than 6 billion people who visit it every month. A YouTube video is the only video you’ve ever viewed on the Internet. For example, YouTube is the source of almost all video tutorials on our website.

Methods Youtubers Earn Money from Their Channels

While some YouTubers earn a fortune, the vast majority do not.

Millionaire YouTubers are more of an exception than the norm.

A YouTube celebrity often earns their money in five ways

Advertising — the channel owner receives 55% of the money earned by the adverts that inevitably bookend a video clip.

Affiliate links – If videos involve items, affiliate links may use to generate money by directing viewers to purchase them on websites such as Amazon. They may earn a commission on purchases.

Sponsorship – Large firms looking to get the attention of the teenage market can sponsor a YouTuber to advertise their goods. Although there are strict standards in place, any published content that contains sponsored content must be explicitly labeled.

Products – Many well-known YouTubers may earn money by selling merchandise such as clothes, mugs, and other things. Typically, an internet store is set up for this purpose.

Donations and paid content — YouTubers with a large and passionate fan base may be able to make cash via donations from their followers or by charging a subscription fee for their videos.

How many subscribers are required to earn money on YouTube?

How many subscribers are required to earn money on YouTube

You’ll need 1,000 subscribers to start generating money from your YouTube videos. You are not compensated per subscriber, but the more subscribers you have, the more income potential you have.

An influencer may earn more money and have more alternatives if they have many followers, such as partnering with firms on affiliate marketing.

How many views do you need on YouTube to get money?

How many views do you need on YouTube to get money?

In addition to 1,000 subscribers, you’ll need 4,000 hours of video viewed in the past 12 months to start earning. Having a large number of viewers increases your chances of making money.

How much money do YouTubers make?

However, you’ll only get compensated if someone watches your movie to the end and clicks or sees the ad. If a video has 75,000 views, Forbes estimates that it is worth $375 (£270) to the UK YouTubers who make it.

Whether you’re a full-time professional or a part-time entrepreneur because you’re a student, the number of views you need will vary depending on your goals.

What exactly is YouTube Partner Program?

Joining the YouTube Partner Program is possible, which allows you to add adverts to your videos after reaching 1,000 subscribers and having more than 4,000 hours of your content viewed in the preceding year.

As a result, you’ll be able to keep around 55% of the money that advertisers spend on your content. Ads may be created using the ‘Monetization’ option in YouTube Studio. You may enable advertisements for one or many videos from this page.

Your material must adhere to YouTube’s advertiser-friendly content criteria. Advertisements will begin to show on your videos only once they have passed an automatic or human review to ensure that they adhere to YouTube requirements.

You may then check your monthly predicted revenue from the dashboard to see how much you might start making.

Do YouTubers get paid every month?

  • All content authors may expect to get paid every month.
  • YouTube promises to issue either a cheque or a direct transfer.
  • It is usually done between the tenth and fourteenth of each month, while some vloggers may get money on the twenty-first.
  • However, each author must fulfill a payment threshold determined by their currency. In the case of US currency, this limit is set at $100.
  • It implies that a YouTuber in the United States must earn at least $100 before Google pays them.
  • Payment is also based on how the audience interacts with the ads, a key feature for YouTubers to earn more money, similar to having a large subscriber base.

What exactly is YouTube Premium?

What exactly is YouTube Premium

You may join up for YouTube Premium after you’ve begun earning money from commercials.

This feature enables your subscribers to pay to see your material without being interrupted by advertisements. You’ll get compensated based on how many premium members view your videos.

YouTube Premium is a secondary income source since it allows you to generate money from paying subscribers while also collecting ad revenue from non-members who view your video.


If you generate video material, you’ve probably considered how to earn money on YouTube. Some of the world’s most well-known vloggers earn millions of pounds from their YouTube channels, but how did they get started?

To make money from YouTube, you’ll need many views and subscribers, but there are other ways to do it. The above guide explained how much money YouTubers make in the UK.

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