How Long does It Take to Buy a House in the UK?


Transferring the title of property and land is a complicated method that necessitates the collaboration of several parties – and, as a result, it might take some time. But the major concern is how much time there is. In this article, we’ll help you understand the many steps in How Long Does It Take to Buy a House in the UK?

How Long Does It Take to Buy a House in the UK?

In 2022, it will take around eighteen weeks to purchase a home, but this is only providing that the purchasing process goes as smoothly as possible.

On average, you can find the right property in approximately 12 weeks; for a mortgage offer, the duration is around two to four weeks and conveyancing that includes signing and contract exchanging takes around sixteen weeks.

Finally, the sale can be completed in four weeks. The next step is to receive your keys and proceed to the beautiful new home.

Methods that are followed to buy a house

Obtaining a mortgage Agreement in Principle (AIP)

When you contact a creditor, you have 24 hours. Obtaining an agreement on a mortgage should have been the first step for everyone planning to purchase a residential or commercial property.

It will make you realize what price range you should start shopping in, and it will make the situation of getting your mortgage authorized much smoother and faster when you do discover ‘the one.’

Locating the ideal home

Locating the Ideal Home

Finding the appropriate home will be the step that has the most impact on your timeframe. Therefore, we’re removing it from the process completely. Although this is a very important step, giving you a ballpark amount at this point would be reckless.

A lot depends on where you want to relocate. It goes to reason that a location with a higher number of houses for sale will provide purchasers with much more options than a more rural area with fewer homes on the market at any given moment.

Pre-contractual phase

After the offer has indeed been approved, the following events must occur concurrently:

Obtaining a mortgage offer – Now that you’ve decided on a house, you may convert your Agreement in Principle into such an actual mortgage offer. Again, you’ll provide your lender with all of the information, and they’ll do their appraisals on the property before coming back to you within several weeks.

Contract drafting – Your conveyancer will begin creating your contract with the assistance of your salesperson, their attorney, and the Property development Records. You’ll want the agreement to be clear and detailed about everything, so this may take anywhere from one week to four or five.

The research will help and assessments – Your attorney will ensure that investigations and inspections are carried out to provide you with as much information on the property as possible before you buy.

For example, searches will look into if the seller has the legal right to sell, which the property border is, environmental dangers, planning restrictions, and neighbouring building plans. Meanwhile, studies will examine the building’s physical condition and identify any possible concerns.

Organizing a conveyancing

Organizing a Conveyancing

When purchasing a property, it is critical to have a respected attorney on your side who might manage the conveyancing procedure on your behalf. While the consumer may accomplish this, it is best to leave such difficult work to the pros.

There are several methods to discover the correct business to handle your conveyancing, and thanks to the Digital platform, it has not been easier to see what others on your shortlist

Don’t be afraid to ask your neighbourhood real estate agents for referrals. They will be working with various solicitors regularly and are thus well situated to provide advice when making your choice.

Contract exchange

All of the necessary searches have been carried out, your loan is in place, and the survey has granted your potential property acquisition a positive diagnosis. It is now up to the attorneys of the two parties to exchange papers to indicate that an agreement was made.

This stage of the home-buying process normally takes place a few weeks before the sale, although it can take as much time as four weeks or as little as the same day. This will be determined by the conditions of the involved parties and the agreement reached throughout the conveyancing procedure.

Day of completion and relocation

Day of Completion and Relocation

You’re going to become a homeowner, and today is the day to make your dreams come true! Whether you’re a first-time purchaser or merely going downwards the housing ladder, the day is always appreciated. Buying one’s home gives an extreme sense of success and pride.

If you have a mortgage, it will be finalized, and all costs will be given to all involved parties. So at this stage, all you need to do is go acquire those keys and start moving in!


Although buying a house is a great responsibility, it is on the bucket list of every individual. However, buying a house is not as easy as it seems. There are a lot of processes involved, and even the financial requirements are a bit more than usual.

Therefore, before you decide to buy a house, be prepared financially and mentally.


1. How long does it take to conduct a conveyancing search?

Searches typically take two weeks, but some can take three weeks, and others may take up to six weeks if the search is exceptionally difficult or the local government issue is extremely busy.

2. How long does conveyance take if there is no chain?

When no network is engaged in the purchasing process, you can usually anticipate it to be completed within three months.

3. How long would it take between contract exchange and completion?

Typically, one to two weeks; nevertheless, this is decided upon for both you and the buyer or purchaser, so if you both want more time, a later date can be scheduled. It can allow you time to plan your relocation, packing, and transfer of address details, among other things.

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