How To Find the Right Accountant in Brisbane?

How to Find the Right Accountant in Brisbane


Whether you are a business owner, self-employed or working multiple jobs, an accountant can assist you with structuring your financials, getting the most out of your tax returns and even advising you about growing your business’ revenue.

There is no doubt, that finding the right accountant to help you with your financials. Furthermore, it will eventually save you money, effort and time, all of which you could spend on better and more important things.

There are plenty of accountants in Brisbane to choose from, so how do you find the right one for your needs? Fear not; this step-by-step guide on finding the right accountant in Brisbane will get you all the information you need to make an informed decision when hiring an accountant to assist you!

How To Find the Right Accountant in Brisbane?

1. Word of Mouth

Word of Mouth

First, you should know exactly what you need and are looking for.

Are you in need of someone to sort your financial records, do your tax or help you in getting a loan to grow your business? These are important questions to ask yourself and will eventually determine which accountant or firm you are looking for.

Next, chat with friends and, family, colleagues in the industry and find out how they went on about this issue. Maybe they can refer someone straight away; perhaps even one of your friends is an accountant and happy to assist.

One thing is for sure, good service will always be passed around by word of mouth, and you are more likely to succeed in finding what you are looking for by keeping your eyes and ears open than by just googling away on the internet.

2. Certifications & References

Once you have a list of accountants that could suit your needs, investigate their certifications and field of expertise. Are they working in your industry or for a completely different field? You might want to work with an accountant that understands you and where you are coming from and therefore is experienced in that area.

On top of that, some services do require certified accountants, such as acquiring debt consolidation loans or auditing your business. Make sure these certifications are in place.

Lastly, always check their references, and if you can’t see them straight away, ask for them and their contacts if possible. Follow up on these and listen to past clients’ stories and how they describe the service they received. If you are happy with what they tell you, great, schedule a meeting.

3. Personal Connection

Even though these days everything can be happening remotely and via video calls, nothing can ever beat the first impression in real life.

Meeting up with someone who will be responsible for your business growth or demise (in the extreme case) is a vital step in figuring out whether you will be able to trust this person.

You don’t have to become real-life besties; on the contrary, it might be good to get a fresh angle and be able to disagree respectfully on topics. But there should be some form of mutual understanding and just a positive vibe about it.

Listen to your gut. That’s probably the most important part of figuring out whether someone fits into your picture or not, and that goes for every aspect of life.

4. Costs


If you are getting along and can trust your accountant is one big thing to figure out, and whether you can afford that person is another.

Find out how they will be charging you. Are they billing on fixed rates or hourly, or are they even asking for a cut of the retained profit? Be aware of how much time you will need your accountant to assist you, for what period and which payment scheme will therefore suit you best.

5. Software


Finally, if personality, references and the costs are looking good, make sure your accountant is familiar with the accounting software you are using for your business and whether their software is compatible with yours.

If you haven’t been using any financial software thus far, make sure you familiarise yourself with the one your accountant introduces your business or your financials with. This way, you can potentially take over if necessary or know where to find the most important numbers at the end of the day.


Finding the right accountant will give you peace of mind as they give you back valuable time and energy to focus on your business or other important personal matters.

Therefore, the right account will become a vital part of your business, and hopefully, these steps will assist you in finding the perfect fit for you!

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